101 Trivia Questions For Kids With Answers (Easy and Hard)

Kids Trivia Questions

Do you have a kid who loves to learn? 

Are you trying to foster a love of learning in your child? 

Then you should check out our list of fun trivia questions for kids. We all know kids love to answer questions, and these trivia questions are no exception. 

They can be as simple or as challenging as you make them. Here we provide some great trivia questions for your little ones that will help them learn, have fun, and grow their intellect at the same time. These kids’ trivia questions can be asked to increase their general knowledge. 

101 Trivia Questions For Kids

Below is a list of funny and informative trivia questions for kids, with answers. Some of these questions are fact-based; however, some are just for fun.

  • Easy Trivia Questions For Kids
  • Animal Trivia Questions For Kids
  • Bible Trivia For Kids
  • Science Trivia Question For Kids
  • History Trivia Questions For Kids
  • Hard Trivia Questions For Kids

Easy Trivia Questions For Kids

Below are some easy trivia questions for kids. Answering these questions is very easy.

Question: Why do things fall down when we drop them?

Answer: Things fall down because of gravity.

Question: Which bird can mimic humans?

Answer: Parrot

Question: How many chambers are there in a human heart?

trivia question about human body for kids

Answer: Four

Question: What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl?

Answer: Hedwig

Question: What is the fastest animal?

Answer: Cheetah.

Question: How much does a liter of water weigh?

Answer: 1 Kg

Question: Which planet in our solar system has rings around it?

Answer: Saturn

Question: Which is the largest bone in the human body? 

Answer: Thigh Bone.

Question: What are the three types of Olympic medals?

Answer: gold, silver, and bronze.

Question: Which direction does the Sun rise from? 

Answer: East

Question: Where does Santa live?

Answer: The North Pole.

Question: Which country has the largest area of land?

Answer: Russia

Question: How many sides does a triangle have?

Answer: Three

Question: Where is the coldest place on earth?

Answer: Antarctica.

Question: What are the primary colors?

Answer: red, blue, and yellow.

Question: Which is the tallest mountain on Earth? 

which is the tallest mountain on earth

Answer: Mount Everest.

Question: In the nursery rhyme, who sat on a wall before having a great fall?

Answer: Humpty Dumpty

Question: When is Valentine’s Day celebrated? 

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Answer: February 14th.

Question: What is the Earth’s largest ocean?

Answer: The Pacific Ocean.

Question: What is the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story? 

Answer: Woody

Question: What is the yellow part of an egg called? 

Answer: A yolk.

Question: What is the capital city of Australia?

Answer. Canberra

Question: How many days are there in a year?

Answer: 365

Question: How many years do the Olympics take place? 

Answer: Four.

Question: Where is the Eiffel Tower?

Answer: Paris, France.

Question: What do caterpillars turn into? 

Answers: Butterflies

Question: What do bees make? 

Answer: Honey.

Question: When do leaves die?

Answer: In the fall season.

Question: What is the name of the ship that sank in 1912? 

trivia questions for kids with answer

Answer: Titanic.

Question: What is the hardest substance in our body?

Answer: Tooth enamel.

Question: What color is an emerald? 

Answer: Green.

Having enjoyed these trivia questions for children, let’s look at some easy and challenging riddles for children to solve with family and friends.

Animal trivia questions for kids

These trivia questions about animals can be very helpful and exciting for kids. They will get to know many things about the animals. 

Question: What’s the name of the place, where you go to see lots of animals?

Answer: The zoo

Question: Which animal can continue to grow until it dies?

Answer: Lobsters

Question: Are worker bees male or female?

Answer: Female.

Question: What are animals that eat both meat and plants called? 

Answer: Omnivores

Question: Which is the smallest bird in the world? 

which is the smallest bird on earth?

Answer: Bee Hummingbird

Question: What is the largest animal?

Answer: Blue whale.

Question: Who is the world’s fastest land animal?

Answer: Cheetah

Question: Which animal is the tallest in the world?

Answer: Giraffe

Question: How many legs are there in a mosquito? 

Answer: Six

Question: What do you call an animal that eats meat?

Answer: A carnivore.

Question: How many bones does a shark have? 

Answer: 0

Question: What is a female elephant called? 

what is a female elephant called

Answer: Cow

Question: What was the first animal to be cloned? 

Answer: A sheep.

Question: What type of animal is the largest primate in the world?

Answer: The Gorilla

Question: What is the phobia of spiders called?

Answer: Arachnophobia.

Question: Which animal is considered to be a human’s best friend?

Answer: Dog

Question: Which bird can fly backward?

Answer: A hummingbird.

Question: What animal is considered to be the symbol of America? 

Answer: Bald eagle

Question: Which land animal can open its mouth the widest? 

animal trivia questions for kids

Answer: Hippopotamus

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Question: Which African animal is called a water horse?

Answer: Hippopotamus 

Question: What are the animals without backbones called?

Answer: Invertebrates.

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Bible Trivia For Kids

Ask your children these questions to see how much they know about the sacred Bible.

Question: What’s the last book in the Bible?

Answer: Revelation.

Question: Who was the author of the Book of Revelation?

Answer: John wrote the book of Revelation.

Question: How many days was Jonah in the belly of the big fish?

Answer: Three days and three nights.

Question: What’s the first book in the Bible?

which is the first book in the Bible

Answer: Genesis.

Question: Who fought the giant, Goliath?

Answer: David.

Question: What did Jesus turn into wine?

Answer: Water; Jesus turns water into wine.

Question: How many times does the Bible mention the word “snow?”

Answer: 24 times.

Question: Who were the first men and women on this earth?

who were the first men and women on earth

Answer: Adam and Eve.

Question: Who was the King of Judea when Jesus was born?

Answer: Herold the Great.

Question: What is the last book of the Old Testament? 

Answer: Malachi.

Science Trivia Question for Kids

Science fascinates children, and you can make it more interesting by asking them the science trivia questions listed below.

Question: Which organ covers the entire body and protects it?

Answer: Skin

Question: What is the chemical formula for water?

Answer: H2O

Question: How many planets are in the solar system?

Answer: 8

Question: Which shape is round?

Answer: Circle

Question: What do you call a scientist who studies the stars?

trivia questions about space for kids

Answer: Astronomer

Question: What is the nucleus of an atom?

Answer: Electrons

Question: What is the boiling point of water?

Answer: 100°C

Question: What is the shape of the full moon?

Answer: Circle.

Question: What process do plants use to convert sunlight into food?

Answer: Photosynthesis

Question: What are the three states of matter?

Answer: Solid, Liquid, and Gas

History Trivia Questions For Kids

Question: Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

Answer: Marie Curie

Question: Who was the first American president?

Answer: George Washington.

Question: Who is the person who can only use the Air Force One plane?

Answer: The president of America.

Question: Who was responsible for the Second World War?

Answer: Adolf Hitler.

Question: Which significant British colony was given back to China in 1997?

Answer: Hong Kong.

Question: Which country issued paper currency first?

Answer: China

Question: Where was Mahatma Gandhi born?

trivia about India for kids

Answer: India.

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Question: Where was Jesus born?

Answer: Bethlehem.

Question: What is Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting?

Answer: It’s the Mona Lisa. The painting was created by him around 1500, and it was recently sold for $475 million.

Question: When did Christopher Columbus first set foot on North American soil?

Answer: 1492

Hard Trivia Questions for Kids

Question: What is an octothorp?

Answer: a hashtag symbol.

Question: Which is the world’s loudest animal?

Answer: Sperm whale (up to 230db sound) // Sources: What is the loudest animal in the world? It depends, but it’s one of these two giants.

Question: What is the hardest natural substance in the world?

Answer: Diamond

Question: How fast does the Earth spin?

Answer: 1,000 miles/hour.

Question: What is the national language of China?

Answer: Mandarin

Question: What is the national language of India?

what is the national language of india

Answer: None, India does not have a national language. Hindi and English are the two official languages of India.

Question: What is the full form of the NFL?

Answer: National Football League

Question: How long does it take for food to be digested in your body?

Answer: Approximately 53 hours.

Question: Which country eats the most chocolate per person?

Answer: Switzerland (Approax 20lbs per person)

Question: What do you call a mammal that doesn’t eat meat?

Answer: A Herbivore’s

Question: Where’s the smallest human bone?

Answer: Inside the ear. ( It is called Stapes – it is 0.012 by 0.009 inches.)

Question: Which is the strongest bone in the human body?

Answer: Out Thigh bone – Femur

Question: What is a blue moon?

what is a blue moon?

Answer: Second full moon of the month is called a blue moon.

Question: Who was the first man to step on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong.

Question: What is Harry Potter’s middle name?

Answer: James.

Question: Which is the deepest place on Earth?

what is the deepest place on earth

Answer: Mariana Trench (About 7ML deep)

Question: Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the US?

Answer: France.

Question: What can you hear in space?

Answer: Nothing.

Question: How many toes does a cat have?

Answer: 18.

Question: What was the name of Amazon.com in earlier days?

Answer: Relentless.com

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Kids trivia Questions and General knowledge questions for kids

I hope your kids will love these trivia questions and learn something new from them. I think these trivia questions are a great way for your kids to gain new knowledge and experiences, and as a parent, you can benefit from this by spending quality time with your children while they learn.

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