70 pranks to do over text

pranks to do over text

You wake up and check your phone with bleary eyes, only to find a barrage of accusatory texts from your friends. Apparently you sent a flurry of messages last night declaring your undying love for Nickelback. You didn’t, of course, but now you’re stuck dealing with the fallout. Ah, the classic drunk texting prank. Your friends got you good.But two can play at that game, and you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity for revenge. Now is the time to plot your comeback. We’ve compiled a list of pranks you can pull from the comfort of your phone to get your friends back for their textual treachery. Fire up those thumbs, it’s go time. By the time we’re done, their phones will be blowing up and they’ll be questioning every message they get. Check and mate, my textual trickster friends. The prank war is on.

pranks to do over text

  1. Pretend to change your number and send a text saying you have a new phone number, but send it from a different number pretending to be someone else.
  2. Text them pretending to be a wrong number and engage in a humorous conversation.
  3. Send them a text with a funny typo and act as if you’re having a serious conversation.
  4. Text them pretending to be a famous celebrity and strike up a conversation.
  5. Send them random emojis and see how they react.
  6. Text them pretending to be a secret spy with a top-secret mission for them.
  7. Start sending them random pictures of cute animals without any context.
  8. Text them pretending to be a pizza delivery person and take their order for a pizza that doesn’t exist.
  9. Text them pretending to be a psychic and give them a humorous and absurd fortune.
  10. Send them a text with a fake news headline about something outrageous.
  11. Text them pretending to be a time traveler and give them hints about the future (in a funny way).
  12. Send them a text pretending to be their future self, giving them funny advice or predictions.
  13. Text them pretending to be a robot with perfect and robotic responses to everything.
  14. Act like you can read their mind by guessing what they’re thinking through texts.
  15. Send them a text pretending to be a salesperson trying to sell them a ridiculous item.
  16. Text them pretending to be a ghost haunting their phone and typing random spooky messages.
  17. Send them random “auto-corrected” texts as if your phone is out of control.
  18. Text them pretending to be a job recruiter with an absurd job offer.
  19. Send them a text asking for their help to solve a made-up mystery or puzzle.
  20. Pretend to be a travel agent texting them about booking a vacation to a ridiculous location.
  21. Send them a text pretending to be their future child and share funny anecdotes about their upbringing.
  22. Text them pretending to be a superhero with a funny request for their assistance.
  23. Send them a text pretending to be a TV show host and interview them about their imaginary achievements.
  24. Text them pretending to be a nutritionist and give them absurd advice about their diet.
  25. Pretend to be a spelling bee organizer and text them absurdly challenging words to spell.
  26. Send them weird and random facts via text, pretending to be an amateur “fact enthusiast.”
  27. Text them pretending to be their personal assistant and send them funny reminders or bizarre requests.
  28. Act as a texting therapist and offer humorous advice and solutions to their “problems.”
  29. Play a game of “Would You Rather” by sending them humorous and bizarre scenarios to choose from.
  30. Pretend to be the weather forecast service and send them funny and ridiculous weather predictions.
  31. Text them pretending to be from a fictional government agency and take them through a funny “security check.”
  32. Send them a text pretending to be a recruiter for a ridiculous reality TV show and invite them to participate.
  33. Pretend to be a fashion expert and send them absurd outfit suggestions for made-up events or occasions.
  34. Text them pretending to be their bank notifying them about an absurd transaction or account issue.
  35. Send them a text pretending to be a time-traveling delivery service, claiming to have a package from the past/future for them.
  36. Pretend to be an alien and text them funny observations and questions about Earth.
  37. Text them pretending to be their personal assistant and schedule humorous and unusual appointments for them.
  38. Send them a text pretending to be a tour guide for “quirky and bizarre” attractions in their area.
  39. Pretend to be a technology expert and send them ridiculous and “cutting-edge” tech gadgets.
  40. Text them pretending to be a chef sharing outrageous and strange recipes they must try.
  41. Send them random text messages with specific instructions as if you’re guiding them through a treasure hunt or mission.
  42. Text them pretending to be a motivational speaker and inspire them with humorous and offbeat quotes.
  43. Pretend to be a psychic and send them absurdly detailed and inaccurate predictions about their day.
  44. Send them a text pretending to be their pet, complaining about their daily routine or demanding treats.
  45. Text them pretending to be their personal assistant, reminding them of absurd and made-up responsibilities.
  46. Pretend to be a relationship expert and send them humorous advice and “tips” for their love life.
  47. Send them random, out-of-context song lyrics through text messages and see how they respond.
  48. Text them pretending to be a concert promoter and offer them VIP passes to a non-existent concert.
  49. Pretend to be a gossip columnist and text them humorous and ridiculous celebrity gossip.
  50. Send them a text pretending to be their future self, reminiscing about funny and embarrassing moments from their past.
  51. Text them pretending to be their favorite fictional character and engage in a playful exchange of messages.
  52. Pretend to be a food critic and send them humorous reviews of everyday food items or their homemade cooking.
  53. Send them a text pretending to be a professional photographer, requesting them to model for an imaginary photo shoot.
  54. Text them pretending to be their personal fitness trainer, sending them quirky exercise routines and funny motivational messages.
  55. Pretend to be a fortune cookie writer and send them hilarious and nonsensical predictions about their future.
  56. Text them pretending to be a travel agent offering unusual and fictional vacation packages.
  57. Send them a text pretending to be their favorite celebrity’s assistant, requesting their help in planning a surprise party for the celebrity.
  58. Pretend to be a sleep expert and send them humorous and outlandish tips for getting a good night’s sleep.
  59. Text them pretending to be a secret admirer and send cryptic and funny messages expressing your “love” for them.
  60. Pretend to be a mind reader and text them unusual things you claim to know about them.
  61. Send them a text pretending to be a secret agent from a fictional agency, asking for their help in solving a humorous mission.
  62. Text them pretending to be a fitness guru, sending them bizarre workout challenges and motivational messages.
  63. Pretend to be a pet therapist and text them humorous advice on how to better communicate with their pets.
  64. Text them pretending to be a personal stylist, sending them outrageous fashion advice and imaginary outfit recommendations.
  65. Send them a text pretending to be a time-traveling salesperson, offering them futuristic or nonsensical products.
  66. Pretend to be a fake news reporter and text them amusing and absurd news stories.
  67. Text them pretending to be a film director, asking for their participation in a fake movie project.
  68. Pretend to be a parenting expert and send them comical tips and tricks on how to raise imaginary children.
  69. Send them a text pretending to be a discount code generator, providing them with funny and nonsensical codes to use on imaginary websites.
  70. Text them pretending to be their car’s voice assistant, responding humorously to their commands and demanding funny tasks.
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Hilarious Pranks to Pull on Friends Over Text

pranks to do over text

The Classic “I’m Outside”

We’ve all done it. Sent that “I’m here!” text when we’re really cozy on the couch in our pajamas. For maximum effect, text your friend that you’re outside their place waiting to be let in. When they come out looking confused, reply “Just kidding!” Their reaction will be priceless.

Autocorrect Fails

Autocorrect can be your partner in text prank crime. Change common autocorrect words in their phone like “lol” to “help!” or “omw” to “hide!” so when they text those abbreviations, the autocorrect changes it to something alarming. Or change longer phrases like “talk to you later” to “the eagle has landed, operation zombie apocalypse is a go!” Their confused reaction will have you laughing for days.

The “New Phone, Who Dis?”

For a classic prank, text your friend from a different phone number pretending to be a stranger. Keep the conversation going with a “new phone, who dis?” until they figure it out. Extra points if you can get them to reveal some juicy gossip or share something embarrassing before the big reveal.

Emoji Stories

Get creative by telling an entire story using only emojis. The more nonsensical and absurd the tale the better. Leave out just enough details so your friend has to work to figure out the twisted plot. By the end, they’ll be simultaneously confused, amused and in awe of your emoji storytelling skills.

With some clever planning, pranking your friends over text can lead to lots of laughs all around. But be careful not to take things too far, and avoid pranks that could cause any real upset or damage. All in good fun!

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How to Convince Someone of a Fake Emergency Over Text

If you’re looking to cause some chaos without actually causing any harm, a fake emergency text prank is perfect. But you have to do it right.

First, choose your victim wisely. You want someone gullible who will fall for an outlandish story, but not so gullible that they’ll call 911 right away. Think cousin, friend from high school, casual acquaintance.

Next, come up with an emergency that sounds borderline plausible but utterly ridiculous. For example:

  • Your cat learned how to text and has been secretly communicating with the Russian embassy. The FBI is on their way for questioning. Please stall them!
  • NASA just called. That experimental teleporter in your garage actually works and they need you at the launch pad immediately.
  • I’m trapped in an escape room and the only way out is to solve a series of increasingly difficult math problems. Please help, I only have 3 hours of oxygen left!

Then bombard them with urgent texts and calls insisting the emergency is real. Throw in details to make it seem authentic. Apologize for the short notice. Promise to explain everything in person as soon as they arrive to help.

Finally, once they start panicking or calling others for help, send one last text: “Just kidding! Gotcha!” Accept that they may not find it as funny as you do. But with the right target, a well-crafted fake emergency prank is comedy gold.

Fun Ways to Mess With People Using Fake Text Generators

Pranking friends via text is an age-old tradition, and today we have tools that make it even easier. Fake text generators allow you to create spoof messages as if they came from anyone. Here are a few ways to have some fun with these generators:

Schedule a Fake Coffee Meetup

Pick two friends and schedule a coffee date for them using a fake texting app. Choose a cafe and time they’re both free and see if you can get them to show up for an awkward surprise meetup. Just make sure at least one of them has a sense of humor! For extra awkwardness, pose as the other friend to schedule it.

Create Drama Between Friends

If you have two friends with an inside joke or running gag, use a text generator to stir up some fake drama. Send texts back and forth posing as them and escalate an absurd argument. Drop increasingly ridiculous accusations and watch the confusion unfold. Just be prepared for the fallout when the prank is revealed!

Impersonate a Celebrity

We’ve all gotten spam texts claiming to be a Nigerian prince in need of cash or a celebrity wanting to give us money. Turn the tables and use a text generator to pose as a celebrity and text your friends. Pretend to be offering them a fabulous vacation or the chance to hang out. See how long you can string them along before they realize Mr. Clooney isn’t really inviting them to Lake Como.

Schedule Wake Up Calls

For an annoying prank, use a texting app to schedule early morning wake up calls for your friends from their phone carriers or alarm companies. Pick a time they’d never want to get up at, like 4 or 5 AM. They’ll be confused and irritated but will have learned an important lesson about locking their phones!

Just remember, for the best pranks, choose your targets wisely and be prepared for a little revenge! Use these generators responsibly and avoid any lasting harm. The best pranks should leave everyone laughing in the end.

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Clever Text Pranks Involving Fake Identity Reveals

pranks to do over text

Sometimes the simplest pranks are the best. Texting allows for some clever tricks that are mostly harmless but amusing. Here are a few pranks you can play on friends or family through text:

The Fake Wrong Number

Nothing livens up a boring day like an awkward wrong number text exchange. Send a message like “Hey, it’s me…we still on for tonight?” When they reply that you have the wrong number, act confused and apologetic. Say something like “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I could have sworn this was Cindy’s new number. My bad!” Drag it on for a few cringey messages expressing your embarrassment before finally admitting it was just a prank. Oops!

The Song Lyrics Reveal

This prank works best if you and your friend share an inside joke related to a song. Start texting the lyrics line by line, as if you have something important to say. For example, you might text:

The sun’ll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There’ll be sun!

Keep the lyrics coming until they catch on that you’re just messing with them. Their reaction may make it worth being called a “jerk” or two!

The Celebrity Connection

Ever wish you had a celebrity’s phone number? Pretend you do, just for a minute. Send a text saying something like “Hey [Friend’s name], this is [celebrity name]. I got your number from [mutual friend] and wanted to say hi!” Describe some fictional encounter you had where you bonded over your love of [shared interest]. Really sell the story before the big reveal. Even if they don’t fully buy it, their surprised and confused responses will be entertaining!

With a little creativity, you can come up with endless ways to prank friends and family through the simplicity of a few funny texts. Just be prepared for some annoyed or insulted reactions and remember—it’s all in good fun!

Creative Text Pranks Involving Fake Celebrity Conversations

So you want to have a little fun with your friends over text, do you? We’ve got just the pranks for you. Time to get those thumbs ready for some hilarious hijinks.

The Celebrity Conversation

Nothing livens up a chat like an “accidental” celebrity interruption. Pick a famous person your friend admires and pretend they’ve messaged you by mistake. For example:

Oops, sorry about that! Meant to send to my agent. Let’s keep this between us, yeah? -Idris Elba

I’m exhausted after filming all day. Don’t tell anyone I’m messaging random numbers! winky face -Emma Stone

If questioned, insist it really is them and you’re just as confused as your friend. Keep the act going as long as you can before revealing the prank. Your friend’s reaction will be priceless!

The Vaguebooking Tease

Post an intentionally cryptic status update like “Ugh, why today of all days?” or “I can’t believe this is happening again.” When your friend asks what’s wrong, respond with increasingly unhelpful non-answers:

Friend: Everything okay? What happened?

You: Don’t worry about it.

Friend: Come on, tell me!

You: It’s too difficult to talk about right now.

Friend: I’m here if you want to open up.

You: Thanks for understanding. I’d rather not say.

Keep stringing them along as long as possible before admitting you were just messing with them. The suspense will drive them crazy!

The Fake autocorrect

Enable your phone’s autocorrect feature and “accidentally” send a suggestive autocorrected message like:

Can’t wait to see you later! autocorrects to Can’t wait to seduce you later!

Blame your phone’s autocorrect and watch your friend’s reaction. For added effect, send increasingly absurd “corrections” before coming clean. But use this prank sparingly – your friend may get wise to your tricks if overused!

With these clever pranks, you’ll have your texting buddies in stitches. But remember, all good things in moderation. Don’t overdo the pranks or your friends may start to catch on!


So there you have it, a few pranks to torment your friends via text. Use your newfound power wisely – or not, we’re not the boss of you. Just remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and if you go around flooding inboxes with spammy texts or auto-correcting curse words into messages, you might find your own phone blowing up in revenge. Text pranks are all fun and games until someone loses an eye or has to change their phone number. But hey, you only live once – so get out there and wreak some textual havoc! The future is now, and that future involves a lot of people cursing at their phones. You’re welcome.

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