31 Facts about Love, you must know to understand it

Facts about love

Love Facts: Have you ever thought that how we start liking someone within some minutes while it takes a life to like some other person?

Or, have you ever wondered why we think only good things about a person we love?

This is the psychology of love.

Love is one of the most beautiful and celebrated emotions of human life. However, according to science love is only the result of some chemical reactions taking place in our brain, in which feelings for another person begin to arise in us. Still, Love inspires us to look at someone with a pure heart and helps to make this world a better place.

But, it’s not that simple. understanding love from a psychological point of view has always been complicated.

We have collected some interesting facts about love and relationships, which will help you to know more about the feeling of love.

10 Best Facts about Love.

Check the below interesting facts about love-

1. Love, at first sight, is a real thing.

According to a report published in BBC, it takes only 90 seconds to 4 minutes to like someone at first sight. When you talk to someone, your impression at that time depends more on your body language and not on what you are talking about.

2. Love is Blind

You must have heard that love is blind, it is a kind of truth. Being in love and taking drugs both affect the same parts of the brain. In both situations, a compound called dopamine flows inside the brain which makes us feel intoxicated.

Love is Blind - Facts about Love

3. Love makes us Better Human beings.

When we are in a happy relationship, our personality shines brighter than before. When we start loving someone, we learn to care for and respect others. We do not want to do anything that will hurt our partner. Amid all these efforts, we start becoming better human beings.

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4. Love can make or break your life.

Love is the most important part of any person’s life. Years of research from Harvard University shows that successful and unsuccessful love can make or break your life.

5. Love changes with time.

Studies have concluded that love preferences change over time. At the beginning of love, there is more excitement, romance, and adventure, but as time passing, we start taking it seriously. This is due to a change in the level of neurotrophin protein inside both lovers.

6. Some People can’t Love.

Some people can’t feel love. This disease is called hypopituitarism. In this disease, the person loses the ability to understand the feeling of love.

7. Our brain sees sex and love differently.

When we think of love, creative and serious thoughts come to our mind, whereas when we think of sex, the brain thinks more about taking quick decisions and only about that moment.

8. Love makes us lazy.

When we are in love with someone, our ability to work decreases. This happens due to the inability of the mind to concentrate on one place.

9. Better sexual relationship, Better love life.

overs who are more active and open-minded in their sexual relationship, their mutual relationship is stronger than others.

10. Being single can increase the chances of a Heart attack.

People who do not get love from anyone, suffer from more loneliness and depression. The risk of heart attack also increases in such people.

Love Facts about singles

More Facts about Love

1. According to some research, when people are in love with each other, their heartbeats sync together in just 3 minutes of looking into each other’s eyes.

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2. It has been proved in many studies that most of the time around the world only male partners express love first. About 90% of the people propose by saying “I love you”.

3. We feel relaxed and calm when we hug someone we love. This is due to the hormone called Oxytocin, which is activated in our body during hugging.

Love Facts - A Hug can relax us

4. Man has always thought that he is the only specie who can love and marry only one person throughout their life. But research shows that many animals such as wolves, langurs, monkeys, termites, etc. also believe in monogamy.

5. The likes and dislikes of two loving people gradually become similar. When we meet someone who loves us, we start feeling influenced by his/her words and actions.

6. Sometimes just looking at the photo of our lover gives us relief and we start feeling good.

Lover's Photo - Facts about Love
Facts About Love

7. The longer the two lovers keep their love hidden from the world, their love grows stronger. Actually, without third-party interference, misunderstandings between them are reduced and they can live their love lives better.

8. When we have a casual relationship with someone, we are impressed by their physical appearance and fitness, but when it comes to maintaining a long-term relationship, the personality of the partner matters more.

9. According to a report published in the journal Personal Relationships, the relationship of couples who watch comedy movies together or laugh more together is stronger and more satisfying.

10. A study conducted by The Journal of Social Psychology shows that men fall in love sooner than women.

Facts about Men's Love
Men’s Love Facts

11. According to studies, for people who have stability in their love life, their professional life is comparatively more successful. Such people earn more money, get promotions and feel satisfied with their job.

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12. According to a report by CNN, wearing certain colored clothes can increase your partner’s sexual attraction to you. For example, in a black color dress, you will look more attractive than in any other color dress.

13. When we look at someone with love, our eyelids widen. – Source

Love Facts

14. For people who have a stronger sense of self-respect, their love life is also happier and stronger.

15. When you meet a person in a situation of danger and trouble, your chances of falling in love with him/her are stronger than the person you meet under normal circumstances. This is because you feel safe by having someone with you in a situation of danger.

16. People who are struggling, looking for jobs, or living far from home tend to fall in love more quickly than people who are well settled in life.

17.  Men’s and women’s brains work differently when they look at each other. When men see women as lovers, the visual processing part of the brain is active, whereas when women see men, the memory part of their brain is more active.

18.  According to a study, people romance better after eating food than on a hungry stomach.

19. According to a survey, 52% of American women think that their husband is not their soulmate after death.

20. In history, such perfumes were made from the sweat of humans which acted as a catalyst for love.

Love is a never-ending subject, so the more that is told about it, the less it is. In this post, we have told you some interesting psychological facts related to love, which we hope will increase your understanding of love.

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