105 funny quotes about karma

funny quotes about karma

Have you ever heard of the phrase “what goes around, comes around”? Well, that’s karma for you! Karma is a belief system that originated from ancient India and it refers to the concept of cause and effect. In simpler terms, every action has a consequence – good or bad. However, let’s not get too serious about this philosophy because we’ve got some hilarious quotes about karma that will surely make your day! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 10 funny quotes about karma and discussing its types, pros & cons, how it works and more. So sit tight and enjoy the ride!

What is karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action” or “deed.” It is a concept in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism based on the belief that every action has an inevitable consequence. The consequences can be good or bad depending on the nature of the action. Karma can also refer to the accumulation of actions and their effects over multiple lifetimes.

In simple terms, karma is like a boomerang – what you put out into the world comes back to you. If you do something kind for someone else, eventually good things will come your way. On the other hand, if you act selfishly or hurt others intentionally, negative energy will come back to haunt you in some way.

Karma isn’t just about individual actions either – it’s also influenced by societal factors such as wealth inequality and discrimination. For instance, if a society fails to address poverty and social injustice, it may suffer from negative karmic consequences.

funny quotes about karma

funny quotes about karma

1. “Karma: the universe’s way of saying ‘Ha! In your face!'”  

2. “I don’t believe in karma, but I believe in annoying people just for the fun of it.”  

3. “Karma is just another word for ‘I told you so.'”  

4. “Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.”  

5. “I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.”  

6. “Karma is like a rubber band. You can only stretch it so far before it snaps back and smacks you in the face.”  

7. “Karma is like a boomerang. What goes around, comes around. Watch out world!”  

8. “Karma doesn’t make appointments. It just shows up when you least expect it.”  

9. “I love watching karma do its thing. It’s like instant justice with a side of entertainment.”  

10. “Karma: because laughing at someone else’s misfortune is just good for the soul.”  

11. “Karma is not a bitch. She’s a master of comedy.”  

12. “Be careful what you say and do. Karma has a wicked sense of humor.”  

13. “Karma doesn’t take breaks. It works 24/7 to bring you the joys of cause and effect.”  

14. “Karma has a way of making even the strongest egos trip over their own feet.”  

funny quotes about karma

15. “I don’t always believe in karma, but when I do, it’s because I just witnessed someone get what they deserved.”  

16. “Karma: the only time when ‘what goes around, comes around’ is actually a good thing.”  

17. “Karma is like a boomerang. Sooner or later, it will come back and hit you in the face.”  

18. “Karma is not afraid to make a grand entrance. It loves the element of surprise.”  

19. “Karma is like a GPS for the soul. It always knows the right destination.”  

20. “Karma is the universe’s way of keeping score. And boy, does it have a sense of humor.”  

21. “Karma is like a mirror. It reflects back at you exactly what you put out into the world.”  

22. “Karma is not just a concept. It’s a divine comedy show in action.”  

23. “Karma is a dance partner you can’t escape. So, learn the steps and embrace the rhythm.”  

24. “Karma is like a boomerang. Throw good deeds, and they’ll come back to you with a smile.”  

funny quotes about karma

25. “Karma is not a punishment. It’s an opportunity for growth, with a pinch of irony.”  

26. “Karma doesn’t discriminate. It treats everyone equally, whether you’re a saint or a jerk.”  

27. “Karma is like a vending machine. You can’t cheat it; you always get what you pay for.”  

28. “Karma is the universe’s way of saying, ‘You’re not as sneaky as you think you are.'”  

29. “Karma is like a snowball. It starts small but grows bigger and bigger until it hits you with a bang.”  

30. “Karma is the universe’s practical joke. It keeps us on our toes and laughing at our own foolishness.”  

31. “Karma is like a bad roommate. It never cleans up after itself, but it always catches up with you.”  

32. “Karma is not a boomerang. It’s a boomerang on steroids, ready to knock you out.”  

33. “Karma is the universe’s way of reminding you that there are consequences for being a jerk.”  

34. “Karma is like a high-five from the universe. Sometimes it’s a slap, but it always leaves a mark.”  

35. “Karma is like a pizza delivery. It may take a while, but it always arrives, and it’s deliciously satisfying.”  

36. “Karma is like a prankster. It loves to play tricks on you when you least expect it.”  

37. “Karma is like a mirror selfie. It captures your true essence, whether you like it or not.”  

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38. “Karma is not a fan of procrastination. It prefers to deliver its lessons right on time.”  

39. “Karma is the ultimate reality show. It’s always watching, ready to unveil the next episode of your life.”  

funny quotes about karma

40. “Karma is like a comedy show. You never know what punchline it has in store for you.”  

41. “Karma is like a traffic cop. It will catch you if you try to take shortcuts.”  

42. “Karma is not a myth. It’s a mischievous little creature, waiting to pounce on you when you least expect it.”  

43. “Karma is like a boomerang. It may take a detour, but it always finds its way back to you.”  

44. “Karma is the universe’s version of poetic justice, served with a side of laughter.”  

45. “Karma is like a GPS for the soul. It guides you on the right path, even when you’re lost.”  

46. “Karma is not a buzzkill. It’s a wake-up call for those who think they can get away with anything.”  

47. “Karma is like a comedy sketch. You never know what unexpected twist will make you laugh at yourself.”  

48. “Karma is like a roller coaster. It takes you on thrilling rides of cause and effect.”  

49. “Karma is the universe’s personal trainer. It pushes you to grow, whether you like it or not.”  

50. “Karma is like a strict teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”  

51. “Karma is not a fan of shortcuts. It prefers the scenic route with plenty of life lessons along the way.”  

52. “Karma is like a truth serum. It reveals your true character, even if you try to hide it.”  

53. “Karma is the universe’s referee. It keeps track of the score and ensures fair play.”  

54. “Karma is like a prankster friend. It loves to play jokes on you, but deep down, it cares about your growth.”  

funny quotes about karma

55. “Karma is like a popcorn machine. It pops up unexpected surprises that make life more interesting.”  

56. “Karma is the universe’s way of teaching us that actions have consequences, and sometimes they’re hilarious.”  

57. “Karma is like a social media algorithm. It knows what you did, even if you didn’t post about it.”  

58. “Karma is not a fan of amnesia. It has an excellent memory for past deeds.”  

59. “Karma is like a boomerang. Throw negativity, and it will come back to smack you in the face.”  

60. “Karma is the universe’s cosmic comedian. It loves a good punchline, especially when it’s at your expense.”  

61. “Karma is like a cosmic mailman. It always delivers, rain or shine.”  

62. “Karma is the universe’s playground supervisor. It ensures that everyone plays fair.”  

63. “Karma is like a video game. You can’t cheat your way to victory; you have to earn it.”  

64. “Karma is not a fan of ghosting. It will make sure you face the consequences of your actions.”  

funny quotes about karma

65. “Karma is like a popcorn kernel. It may take some time, but eventually, it pops up and surprises you.”  

66. “Karma is the universe’s way of giving you a taste of your own medicine. Bon appétit!”  

67. “Karma is like a comedy improv. It takes your actions and turns them into unexpected plot twists.”  

68. “Karma is not a fan of reruns. It prefers fresh episodes of cause and effect.”  

69. “Karma is like a funny meme. It spreads laughter while teaching valuable life lessons.”  

70. “Karma is the universe’s DJ. It plays the songs of cause and effect, and we dance to its rhythm.” – Unknown

71. “Karma: the universe’s way of saying, ‘Tag, you’re it!'”

72. “Karma is like a boomerang, but with better aim and a twisted sense of humor.”

73. “Karma is the universe’s version of ‘what goes around, comes around’… with a side of sass.”

74. “Karma has a way of finding people who deserve it, like a GPS for cosmic justice.”

75. “Karma is like a fine wine. It takes time to mature, and then it gives you a headache.”

76. “They say karma is a b*tch, but I think it’s more like a diva with a fabulous sense of timing.”

77. “Karma is like a silent ninja. It strikes when you least expect it, with a roundhouse kick of consequences.”

78. “Karma is the universe’s way of keeping score, like a cosmic game show with prizes you never asked for.”

79. “Karma is like a vending machine. You never know what you’ll get, but you can be sure it won’t be a jackpot.”

funny quotes about karma

80. “Karma is the universe’s version of ‘oops, I did it again.’ It loves a good encore.”

81. “Karma is like a cup of tea. It might seem mild at first, but it can scald you if you’re not careful.”

82. “Karma is the ultimate dance partner. It twirls you around, dips you low, and sometimes steps on your toes.”

83. “Karma is like a genie in a bottle. It grants your wishes, but not always the way you expected.”

84. “Karma is like a boomerang, except it doesn’t always come back directly. Sometimes it takes a detour for maximum impact.”

85. “Karma is the universe’s way of saying, ‘Hold my cosmic popcorn and watch this!'”

86. “Karma is like a parking ticket that you forgot to pay. It’ll find you, and it won’t be pleasant.”

87. “Karma is the original ‘what you sow is what you reap’ program. No refunds or exchanges allowed.”

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88. “Karma is like a personal assistant who never forgets your mistakes and always brings them up at the worst possible moment.”

89. “Karma is the universe’s version of a game show host. ‘Congratulations, you played yourself!'”

90. “Karma is like a comedy club. It has a two-drink minimum and a never-ending lineup of punchlines.”

91. “Karma is the ultimate teacher. It gives pop quizzes when you least expect them and grades with a red pen of justice.”

92. “Karma is like a highlighter. It shines a neon light on your actions, making them impossible to ignore.”

93. “Karma is the universe’s way of making sure you don’t skip leg day in the gym of life.”

94. “Karma is like a social media algorithm. It knows what you did and it will make sure everyone sees it.”

funny quotes about karma

95. “Karma is like a personal trainer for your soul. It keeps you in check and gives you a reality check.”

96. “Karma is like a cosmic buffet. You get what you deserve, but you might have to wait in line for it.”

97. “Karma is the ultimate RSVP. It always shows up, whether you invited it or not.”

98. “Karma is like a universal GPS. It recalculates your life path when you take a wrong turn.”

99. “Karma is the universe’s way of saying, ‘Plot twist!’ Just when you think you know what’s coming, it throws you a curveball.”

1o0. “Karma is like a surprise party. You never know when it’s coming, but you better hope you’ve been nice.”

101. “Karma is the universe’s way of keeping us humble. It’s like a gentle reminder that we’re not the center of the universe.”

310. “Karma is like a personal assistant who works in mysterious ways and has a twisted sense of humor.”

103. “Karma is the universe’s way of saying, ‘Oops, I dropped something!’ And that something is usually a consequence.”

104. “Karma is like a mirror. It reflects back what you put out into the world, even if you don’t like what you see.”

105. “Karma is the universe’s way of saying, ‘You thought you got away with it? Think again.'”

The different types of karma

Karma is not just a single concept, but rather a complex and multi-layered one. There are different types of karma that exist in various belief systems around the world. The concept of karma can be divided into three main categories: Prarabdha, Kriyamana, and Sanchita.

Prarabdha Karma refers to the past actions that have already begun to manifest themselves in this present life. These karmas are responsible for shaping our current circumstances and situations. For example, if you were born with certain talents or disabilities, it could be attributed to your prarabdha karma.

The second type is Kriyamana Karma which refers to the actions we take presently and their consequences in future lives or incarnations. This type of karma is what most people associate with when they hear the word “karma.”

There’s Sanchita Karma – which represents accumulated past deeds from all previous lifetimes that haven’t yet manifested as results in this lifetime.

It’s important to understand these differences because each type of karma has its own unique impact on our lives. While some believe that good deeds will lead only to positive outcomes and vice versa – it’s essential not to generalize as every action might produce different effects based on other factors such as timing or intention behind them.

Best 10 funny quotes about karma

Karma can be a serious topic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find humor in it. Here are the top 10 funny quotes about karma:

1. “I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.”

2. “Karma is like a rubber band: you only get hit by it when you let go of it.”

3. “If karma doesn’t hit you, I gladly will.”

4. “I’m not saying I believe in karma, but I’ve seen enough episodes of Cops to know that what goes around comes around.”

5. “Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed.”

6. “Just remember: To be old and wise, first you must be young and stupid – and sometimes being silent is golden.” ― Paul Henderson

7.“Karma has no problem getting back in touch with its exes”― JH Croix

8.“Well, if Karma keeps biting us in the ass like this then we must be doing something right!” — Sarah Jessica Parker.

9.“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” — Eckhart Tolle

10.“Do good and good will follow you.”

The Different Types of Karma

Karma is a concept that has been around for centuries, and it’s often associated with Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. However, the idea of karma can be found in many different cultures and belief systems.

One type of karma is called Sanchita Karma, which refers to the accumulated karma from past lives. This type of karma can influence our current life circumstances and experiences.

Another type of karma is Prarabdha Karma, which relates to the specific actions we take in this life that will have consequences in our future lives or later on in this lifetime.

There’s also Kriyamana Karma, which refers to the actions we take right now that will determine our future outcomes. This kind of karma emphasizes personal responsibility for one’s own choices.

There’s Agami Karma – any new action taken by an individual during their current lifetime. It could be positive or negative based on their intentions or deeds done towards others

Ultimately, understanding these different types of karma helps us recognize how our actions impact ourselves and those around us. Whether you believe in past lives or not, taking responsibility for your present choices can lead to a more fulfilling life experience.

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Pros and Cons of Karma

Karma is a concept that has been embraced by many cultures and religions, but like any other philosophy or belief system, it has its pros and cons. One of the advantages of karma is that it promotes personal responsibility. When people believe in karma, they tend to take ownership of their actions and their consequences.

Another benefit of karma is that it offers a sense of justice or balance. People who do good deeds are believed to receive positive outcomes while those who do bad things will suffer negative consequences. This can be comforting for some individuals as it gives them hope that justice will ultimately prevail.

However, there are also drawbacks to the idea of karma. One major issue with this belief system is that not all suffering or misfortune can be correlated to one’s past actions. Sometimes people experience difficulties for no apparent reason at all.

Additionally, karma can perpetuate victim blaming since someone’s misfortunes could be attributed to an alleged wrongdoings from previous lives instead of addressing systemic issues such as poverty or discrimination.

The idea of “good” versus “bad” behavior may oversimplify complex situations where different factors are at play which could lead individuals into thinking they deserved whatever harm came their way because they did something wrong in the past.

While Karma offers benefits such as promoting personal responsibility and offering a sense of balance; It also presents several drawbacks including oversimplification human behaviour and contributing towards victim-blaming when faced with adversity

What are funny quotes about karma?

Funny quotes about karma are a great way to lighten up any situation and remind us not to take things too seriously. These witty and humorous phrases can be found all over the internet, from social media to popular websites.

One of the best things about funny quotes about karma is that they often offer a clever twist on traditional sayings or cliches. For example, “Karma’s just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She says she’ll be with you shortly,” adds an amusing image to the idea of waiting for bad luck to catch up with someone.

Another common theme in funny quotes about karma is the idea of instant gratification – as in, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you!” This type of quote plays into our desire for immediate justice and reminds us that sometimes we have to wait for things to play out before we see results.

Of course, not all funny quotes about karma are lighthearted – some can actually be quite biting or even dark. For instance, “I’m not saying I believe in reincarnation… but if it does exist, I want my ex-boyfriend back as a toilet brush” takes humor at the expense of someone else’s misfortune.

How does karma work?

Karma is often described as the law of cause and effect, which means that every action or thought has a consequence. The concept of karma originated in ancient Hinduism and Buddhism but has been adopted by many cultures worldwide.

The workings of karma are complex, with both positive and negative actions leading to corresponding rewards or punishments. Positive actions result in good karma while negative ones lead to bad karma.

A popular belief is that one’s current circumstances are a result of past karmic actions. For example, if someone experiences financial success, it could be attributed to good deeds done in their previous life.

Karma can also work on an individual level or collective level. Collective Karma refers to the accumulated effects of group behavior over time; this can apply at all levels from families and communities up through entire nations.

However, not everything that happens to us is necessarily due to our own past acts because we live in an interconnected world where everyone’s actions affect others’ well-being for better or worse.

Alternatives to funny quotes about karma

While funny quotes about karma can be entertaining and thought-provoking, they may not always resonate with everyone. Some people might prefer a more serious approach to understanding the concept of karma or exploring how it works in their lives.

One alternative to funny quotes about karma is reading religious texts or philosophical writings that explore the concept of karma in depth. These sources can offer a more comprehensive understanding of what karma means and how it affects our actions and outcomes.

Another option for those seeking alternatives to humorous takes on karma is self-reflection and introspection. By examining our own thoughts, actions, and motivations, we can gain a deeper understanding of how we are affected by karmic forces.

Mindfulness practices such as meditation or yoga can also help us become more attuned to the workings of karma in our lives. Through these practices, we learn to cultivate awareness and compassion towards ourselves and others, which can lead to positive karmic outcomes.


Karma is a concept that has been around for centuries and continues to be relevant today. While it may have its pros and cons, there’s no denying the impact it can have on our lives.

Whether you believe in karma or not, funny quotes about it are a great way to bring some humor into your day. From witty one-liners to clever puns, these quotes remind us not to take life too seriously and to always strive for good karma.

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