41 Facts about Women you will not find in any Book

Facts About Women

Facts About Women: Men and women are two axes of human civilization on the earth, and both complete each other. Men and women play an equal part in the development of life, but physically, mentally, and socially they have different abilities and characteristics.

There is a saying in folk beliefs that ‘It is very difficult to understand the women’s character’. The meaning of this proverb tells about the complexity of the psychology of women. For a long time, men are trying to understand the behavior and psychology of women but still, it’s a long path to go.

In this post, we are telling you 41 interesting things about women’s bodies, behavior, psychology, and lifestyle.

10 Best Facts about Women

Check the best 10 facts about a woman’s body, behavior, and lifestyle.

1. Women’s Brain Develop Faster

According to a report in Psychology Today, women’s brain develops faster than men’s in childhood. For this reason, girls become wiser and mature sooner than boys in childhood. 

Facts About Girls

2. A lot of thinking about what to wear today

According to some psychological research done on American women, women spend almost a year of their life only thinking about what to wear today.

3. They can’t live without their newborn babies.

According to some research, the smell of their newborn baby affects women like drugs. For this reason, women are not able to stay away from their newly born children for long.

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4. Hymen has nothing to do with Women’s virginity.

Hymen (a membrane/small tissue between the female genitals) has nothing to do with the virginity of women. This membrane gets damaged many times while playing or doing any exercise. Know More about Hymen and Virginity here.

5. Women have a smaller Brain.

Women’s brains are smaller than men’s but have the same number of cells. The brain cells of women are strongly and densely connected. – source

6. Women live longer than men.

Worldwide, the average life span of women is longer than that of men. This happens due to their stronger immune system (immunity). 

Women Facts

7. ‘Wonder Woman’ was the first women-led super-human Hollywood film.

The 2017 Wonder Woman film was the first Hollywood super-human film to have a female director and a female heroine.

8. Heels were for Men.

Heels (high-heeled slippers or shoes), a major part of women’s clothing were actually made for men. In the olden times, wearing heels was considered a masculine pride.

9. Woman word comes from Wyfman

The word ‘Woman’ is derived from the word ‘ wyfman ‘ which means ‘ Wife of Man ‘.

Facts About Women Word

10. Women’s long history of harassment.

There is a long history of harassment of women. In 1770,  according to a bill passed in the British Parliament, women who were found wearing make-up were punished as witches. 

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30 More Facts about Women to Know

1. The average pH value (basicity of a substance/liquid) of a woman’s v*gina is near 4.5. The basicity of a tomato is also equal to it on the pH scale.

2. The sexual aspirations of women between the ages of 30 and 40 are higher than that of young girls.

Facts About Mature Women

3. Women resolve relationship tensions more in partnership than men. Men mostly run away from it.  

4. Women have the ability to understand facial expressions, emotional words, and gestures much better than men from childhood. – source

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5. Every year 8 March is celebrated as International Women’s Day all over the world. In many countries, this day is also a holiday.

6. The habit of wearing make-up or dressing in women has been there since ancient times. In ancient Rome, women used even the sweat of warriors to apply makeup along with other natural means.

7. Some women are born with two uteruses. This particular condition is called uterine didelphys. Women with this rare condition sometimes have two V*ginas (female genitals).

8. According to research, women see more dreams (bad/frightening) than men. Women’s dreams are more emotional. Men are not able to remember their dreams for a long time.

9. According to a study, women who are taller are more likely to get cancer.

10. Periods are an important part of women’s life. On average, women spend 4 years of their life during periods.

11. Women spread information or news faster than men.

12. Women are quicker than men to apologize for their mistakes.

13. Girls also talk alone or with their close friends in the same way as boys talk among themselves.

14. According to studies, women with a good physique and health, experience less pain during periods.

15. Women are more alert than men in public places. Women pretend to eat less and carefully in public., while in private they eat freely.

16. The blinking speed of women is twice that of men. Women blink 19 times in a minute while men only blink 11 times.

Facts about Women's Eyes

17. According to a survey, 70% of women prefer to eat chocolate more than sex.

18. There are more women than men in America.

19. According to a 2018 report, every 90 seconds around the world, a woman dies due to pregnancy and giving birth to a child.

20. Women’s heart beats faster than men’s.

21. Women have a greater sense of smell than men.

22. When it comes to decision-making, women pay more attention to the emotional side while men take decisions according to the logical side.

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23. Men tell more lies than women. Some studies show that men lie on average 6 times a day while women lie only 3-4 times.

Difference between Men and Women

24. Mostly we have seen that men gain weight after marriage or after coming into a relationship. This happens because of their female partner. In fact, when women come into our lives, they take better care of us and take care of our food and drink.

25. Some studies show that women try to take fewer risks. This happens because of one part of the brain. The part of the brain that handles making decisions is larger in women than in men.

26. For a long time it was believed that women are better multi-taskers than men, but according to research from German University, this is not the case. The ability of both men and women to work decreases if they do more than one job simultaneously. Our social structure is such that women do a lot of work together and that is the reason for this impression.

27. It is said that behind every successful person there is a woman’s hand and this is mostly true but the opposite seems equally true. In today’s time, most of the top 20 rich women in the world have gotten their property from their husbands or father.

28. Alcohol damages women’s bodies more and faster than men. According to a report, liver diseases spread very quickly due to alcohol in women.

29. We often say that women are talkative, it is true. Studies show that women speak about 13000 more words in a day than men. Women speak about 20,000 words a day, while men speak only up to 7000 words.

30. Women’s eyes can see more colors than men’s. According to a study, women’s eyes can recognize 20% more colors than men.

Facts About Women Eyes

In this post, we have tried to give you some interesting information related to women and girls. We hope that after reading the above facts about women, your understanding of female psychology and their body will improve. Women will also be able to understand more about themselves through this post.

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