The Untold Story Behind Drake the Type of Guy Meme

drake the type of guy

Look, you know the type. That guy who just has to comment on everything and let you know exactly how he feels about any given topic, no matter how inane or irrelevant to the actual conversation. That guy is Drake, and the internet has been meme-ing the crap out of his tendency to drop “Drake the type of guy…” comments on pretty much anything and everything.

You’ve seen them. Drake the type of guy to clap when the airplane lands. Drake the type of guy to say “ope, just gonna sneak past ya” when passing by someone in a hallway. Drake the type of guy to ask “who’s winning?” anytime he sees a sport on TV. The examples are endless.

Drake’s penchant for these kinds of meaningless declarations has turned into a full-fledged internet meme sensation. But where did it come from? How did it start? And why, for the love of all that is good and holy, does Drake feel the need to be that guy? This is the untold story behind how Drake became the poster child for frivolous pronouncements and the meme that just won’t die.

The Origin of the Drake the Type of Guy Meme

The Drake the Type of Guy meme started as just another bit of internet ephemera but has since become a cultural phenomenon. You know the one – a photo of Drake with captions describing some hilariously mundane thing he seems like the type of guy to do.

  • Drake the type of guy to say “ope, just gonna sneak past ya” when passing someone in a hallway.
  • Drake the type of guy to call an Uber for a 2 minute drive because “gas is expensive these days!”

The meme originated on Twitter, as these things often do, in early 2019. Some witty and observant soul noticed Drake’s polite Canadian demeanor and penchant for relatable lyrics about everyday experiences. They paired this observation with a photo of Drizzy looking particularly sheepish, and a legend was born.

Soon, everyone and their mother was churning out their own “Drake the type of guy” jokes. He seems like the kind of dude who would call his teacher “Professor” in college or bring a 6-pack of hard seltzers to a party “in case anyone wants one.” The mundane scenarios and references to Drake’s persona struck a chord with fans and casual listeners alike.

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Before we knew it, the meme had spread to Instagram, dominated Reddit, and elicited thinkpieces pondering why we find these silly little jokes so funny and oddly endearing. Like the man himself, “Drake the Type of Guy” has become popular culture comfort food. Something we can all appreciate without controversy or pretense. An inside joke at its simplest and most wholesome.

Why the Meme Took Off and Went Viral

The Drake the Type of Guy meme took the internet by storm because, let’s face it, Drake is the type of guy to do just about anything for attention and clout.

Why the Meme Took Off and Went Viral

Drake’s a savvy social media user, constantly posting pics of his lavish lifestyle, name-dropping celebrities, and oversharing details of his personal relationships. So when Twitter user @lowlifefreya tweeted “Drake the type of guy to _” and left the blank open-ended, the internet saw an opportunity and ran with it.

Within hours, the tweet had thousands of responses, each wittier than the last. Drake the type of guy to cry when his bubble bath gets cold. Drake the type of guy to call his grandma “shorty.” Drake the type of guy to take a selfie at his own intervention.

The absurdity and specificity of the responses showed just how much Drake overshares and invites public commentary on his life. The meme spread to other social platforms, evolving into images, reaction gifs, and parody accounts. Brands like Wendy’s, Duolingo, and even Pornhub joined in, tweeting their own “Drake the type of guy” jokes.

While some saw it as mean-spirited, for most it was just lighthearted fun. The meme’s popularity highlighted our shared experiences observing and judging Drake’s corny and clout-chasing behavior. Sure, the man has hits for days, but he’s also the type of guy to cry in the club, drink a Capri Sun in one sip, and name his goldfish “Champagne Papi Jr.” And as long as he keeps oversharing, the internet will keep roasting him for it.

The Most Hilarious and Relatable Drake the Type of Guy Examples

drake the type of guy
drake the type of guy
drake the type of guy

The internet has turned Drake into a meme machine. His emotional, relatable lyrics and moody persona have inspired some of the funniest memes. One of the best is “Drake the Type of Guy.” This meme imagines what Drake would be like in real life based on his music. The results are hilariously on point.

  • Drake the type of guy to send “you up?” texts at 2am when you have work in the morning. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a late-night “u up?” from someone we probably shouldn’t text back. But Drake’s smooth vocals make it hard to say no.
  • Drake the type of guy to pull up outside your house blasting “Marvin’s Room” after you break up with him. How else will you know he’s hurting without a soundtrack of emotional Drake songs? His vulnerability and flair for drama would make for some epic post-breakup gestures.
  • Drake the type of guy to call in sick to work so he can stay home and listen to Take Care on repeat. When that breakup hits hard, sometimes you just need a personal day to ugly cry to “Doing It Wrong” and question all your life choices. We’ve all been there, right?
  • Drake the type of guy to get matching tattoos on the first date. Drake doesn’t do anything halfway, especially matters of the heart. His passion and intensity come through in every love song, so you know any relationship with him would be a whirlwind romance from day one.
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While the memes poke fun at Drake’s sensitive persona, they show how his music and style resonate with fans. His ability to capture the emotional ups and downs of relationships, dating, and heartbreak in a relatable way is what gives this meme its humor and truth. Drake the type of guy we all need in our lives, even if it’s just on our playlists.

How Drake Himself Has Responded to the Meme

Drake himself has had a rather interesting reaction to his meme fame. On the one hand, he seems to find some of the memes amusing. He frequently likes fan-made memes on Instagram and has even posted a few himself. However, at times the sheer volume and absurdity of the memes appears to irk him.

In a 2019 interview, Drake commented that while a few of the memes were “funny” and “entertaining,” many were “over the top” and “lack creativity.” He lamented that the meme had become less of a tribute and more of a way for people to clown on him. Drake noted that the meme had “taken on a life of its own” and “gone too far,” though he acknowledged that once something takes off on the internet, it’s hard to control.

Drake’s exasperation appears to stem more from the low-effort, repetitive nature of many of the memes rather than their existence itself. He seems to appreciate memes that showcase real wit or creativity. Some of his liked memes on Instagram poke clever fun at his music, style or persona. However, Drake draws the line at memes that are “straight foolishness” or just rehash the same joke in a slightly different way.

While Drake may never fully embrace his status as a living meme, he recognizes that it comes with the territory of fame and influence in today’s pop culture landscape. As he philosophically put it, “People are always going to create something to make light of you…You just have to accept it and appreciate the good parts of it.” For better or worse, the Drake meme has cemented itself into the annals of internet culture. And as for Drake, well, he’s just the type of guy to take it all in stride.

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The Cultural Impact and Legacy of Drake the Type of Guy

The Drake the Type of Guy meme has had a bigger impact on culture than even Drake himself probably realizes. This little meme that could has spawned so many iterations and variations that it’s become embedded in the cultural lexicon.

The Spread of a Viral Sensation

Once that initial Drake the Type of Guy tweet spread, the meme took on a life of its own. Everyone and their mother started coming up with their own “Drake the type of guy” jokes, each trying to outdo the other in absurdity and hilarity.

Before you knew it, the meme had spread from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, popping up in comment threads and shared in group chats and private messages. Drake’s face became synonymous with lighthearted teasing and roasting. He was a good sport about it, even posting some of his favorites to his social media accounts.

The variations of the meme seemed endless. Drake the type of guy to take a group selfie when he’s by himself. Drake the type of guy to call an Uber for the walk of shame. Drake the type of guy to fall asleep with his headphones on and wake up like “damn this DJ nice!”

Cultural Staying Power

While most memes flame out after a week or two, the Drake version has shown surprising longevity. Years later, new versions of the meme still frequently pop up, showing how deeply embedded in internet culture it has become.

The spread and longevity of the Drake the Type of Guy meme highlights how the internet has revolutionized how culture is created and spread. A single tweet by one random user has spawned a viral in-joke shared by millions around the world. Drake may be the type of guy who started as just another meme, but he’s ended up a legend.


So there you have it, the real deal behind one of the internet’s most prolific and enduring memes. Drake the sensitive rapper, Drake the emotional rollercoaster, Drake the type of guy to do pretty much anything. The man, the myth, the meme. Next time that familiar format with the moody Drake photos crosses your feed, you’ll be in on the joke. You’ll know the bizarre series of events that had to transpire to bring that gloriously absurd meme into existence. And you can wow all your friends at the next party by explaining the whole crazy story. You’re welcome. Now go forth and spread the Drake meme gospel according to its true origins. The people deserve to know the truth.

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