70 Aliens Memes That Will Make You LOL

Aliens Memes

Welcome to the extraterrestrial world of aliens memes! πŸš€πŸ‘½

In this vast universe of internet humor, where cats and dogs have had their moments in the spotlight, it’s time for aliens to take center stage. From creepy little green beings to friendly intergalactic visitors, alien memes have invaded our screens and captured our imaginations. They’ve become a phenomenon that has swept through social media platforms like a cosmic whirlwind.

So buckle up and prepare for an otherworldly adventure as we explore the fascinating realm of alien memes. We’ll delve into their different types, examine their impact on pop culture, uncover why we can’t get enough of them, learn how to create our own extraterrestrial hilarity, discuss controversies surrounding them (yes, they exist!), and finally touch down with some concluding thoughts.

Top 70 Aliens Memes

1. When the aliens finally arrive, and it turns out they just want our Wi-Fi password.

2. Aliens: “Take us to your leader.” Me: *Takes them to the nearest pet store.*

3. Aliens: “Do you have advanced technology?” Humans: “Have you seen our smartphones?”

4. When the aliens see us panic-buying toilet paper during a pandemic: “Humans are weird.”

Aliens Memes

5. Aliens observing us from space: “They call it rush hour, but nobody is rushing anywhere.”

6. Aliens on Earth: “So, you guys haven’t figured out interstellar travel yet, but you have 20 different kinds of cheese?”

7. Aliens: “Why do humans keep staring at those glowing rectangles?” Extraterrestrial Netflix and chill.

8. Aliens: “What’s the most dangerous species on Earth?” Humans: “Humans.”

9. Aliens discovering crop circles: “These humans must really love geometry.”

10. Aliens: “What’s the purpose of reality TV shows?” Humans: “We’re still trying to figure that out.”

11. Aliens: “Why do humans have so many different languages?” Humans: “To confuse the aliens, of course!”

12. When the aliens see a “Keep off the Grass” sign: “These creatures have a strange obsession with vegetation.”

13. Aliens visiting a supermarket: “So, they store all their food in one place and pay with pieces of paper?”

14. Aliens at a fast food joint: “Explain this ‘drive-thru’ concept again.”

Aliens Memes

15. Aliens: “Why do humans have pets?” Humans: “For unconditional love and endless memes.”

16. Aliens: “What’s the purpose of reality TV shows?” Humans: “We’re still trying to figure that out.”

17. When aliens see humans trying to parallel park: “They need a whole training course for this?”

18. Aliens: “Why do humans wear shoes?” Humans: “So we can step on Lego without crying.”

19. Aliens: “What’s the purpose of social media?” Humans: “To share cat videos and argue about pizza toppings.”

20. When aliens discover sarcasm: “Oh yeah, humans are definitely a straightforward species.”

21. Aliens: “What’s the deal with pineapple on pizza?” Humans: “Don’t ask, it’s a sensitive topic.”

22. Aliens: “Do humans have superpowers?” Humans: “We can ignore alarms and sleep through anything.”

23. When the aliens realize we have a holiday called “April Fools’ Day”: “These humans really are a peculiar bunch.”

24. Aliens watching humans do the Macarena: “Is this some form of intergalactic communication?”

Aliens Memes

25. Aliens: “Why do humans wave at each other when they’re leaving?” Humans: “It’s an ancient ritual to confuse extraterrestrials.”

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26. When aliens witness a heated political debate: “Perhaps it’s best to observe from a safe distance.”

27. Aliens: “What’s the purpose of fortune cookies?” Humans: “To add a little mystery to our takeout.”

28. Aliens trying to understand why humans like spicy food: “Is it a test of endurance or a form of entertainment?”

29. When the aliens learn about “dad jokes”: “So, humor varies by species.”

30. Aliens: “Why do humans have competitions for eating hot dogs?” Humans: “Don’t question it, just enjoy the show.”

31. Aliens: “What’s with the obsession with pumpkin spice?” Humans: “It’s a seasonal rite of passage.”

32. When the aliens discover human fashion trends: “It appears they wear whatever they want.”

33. Aliens observing humans binge-watching TV shows: “They’re really committed to their stories.”

34. Aliens: “Why do humans have designated ‘quiet zones’ in libraries?” Humans: “To contain our noisy book debates.”

Aliens Memes

35. When the aliens find out about yoga: “Humans have a strange way of relaxing.”

36. Aliens watching humans try to fold fitted sheets: “A noble effort, but futile.”

37. Aliens: “Why do humans take pictures of their food?” Humans: “To document our culinary adventures.”

38. Aliens seeing a “Beware of Dog” sign: “Do these creatures keep carnivorous beasts as pets?”

39. Aliens: “Why do humans have so many holidays?” Humans: “Because we love any excuse to eat.”

40. When the aliens learn about the concept of “selfies”: “A curious form of self-expression.”

41. Aliens witnessing humans using emojis: “A hieroglyphic language for the digital age.”

42. Aliens: “What’s with the obsession with reality TV shows?” Humans: “We find entertainment in watching other humans be… human.”

43. When the aliens discover human dance crazes: “Do these movements hold any cosmic significance?”

44. Aliens: “Why do humans have playgrounds?” Humans: “To unleash our inner child.”

Aliens Memes

45. Aliens observing humans play video games: “A virtual world within a virtual world.”

46. Aliens: “What’s the purpose of bumper stickers?” Humans: “To share our thoughts with the world, one car at a time.”

47. When the aliens witness a heated sports rivalry: “Is this a form of organized combat?”

48. Aliens: “Why do humans wear sunglasses indoors?” Humans: “Fashion, my extraterrestrial friend, fashion.”

49. Aliens observing humans take group selfies: “A collective effort in self-photography.”

50. Aliens: “Why do humans name their vehicles?” Humans: “Because they become part of the family.”

51. When the aliens find out about the concept of brunch: “A meal that defies the boundaries of time.”

52. Aliens: “Why do humans have bumper-to-bumper traffic?” Humans: “It’s a bonding experience.”

53. Aliens watching humans try to fold fitted sheets: “A puzzling endeavor.”

54. Aliens: “Why do humans have ‘National Talk Like a Pirate Day’?” Humans: “Arr, it’s a tradition, matey!”

Aliens Memes

55. When the aliens discover human superstitions: “These beliefs hold great cultural significance.”

56. Aliens: “Why do humans have organized sports?” Humans: “To prove who can throw, kick, or hit things the best.”

57. When the aliens find out about escape rooms: “A form of voluntary confinement for entertainment purposes.”

58. Aliens: “Why do humans have themed parties?” Humans: “Because every occasion is an excuse to dress up.”

59. When the aliens witness a dance-off: “Is this a form of interstellar communication?”

60. Aliens: “Why do humans have haunted houses?” Humans: “To test our bravery in a controlled environment.”

61. When the aliens discover human stand-up comedy: “A performance art based on observational humor.”

62. Aliens: “Why do humans celebrate birthdays?” Humans: “To mark the completion of another orbit around their star.”

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63. When the aliens learn about human “dad jokes”: “A form of humor that transcends generations.”

64. Aliens: “Why do humans have trivia nights?” Humans: “To demonstrate their vast knowledge of random facts.”

Aliens Memes

65. When the aliens find out about human karaoke: “A communal ritual of vocal expression.”

66. Aliens: “Why do humans have beauty pageants?” Humans: “To celebrate physical and inner beauty.”

67. When the aliens witness a flash mob: “A coordinated display of spontaneous choreography.”

68. Aliens: “Why do humans have baby showers?” Humans: “To prepare for the arrival of the next generation.”

69. When the aliens discover human “dad jokes”: “A form of humor that transcends generations.”

70. Aliens: “Why do humans have trivia nights?” Humans: “To demonstrate their vast knowledge of random facts.”

Types of Alien Memes

When it comes to alien memes, the possibilities are truly out of this world! From classic extraterrestrial stereotypes to imaginative depictions of otherworldly beings, there is a wide array of types when it comes to these hilarious internet gems.

One popular type of alien meme is the “Area 51” meme. This meme exploded in popularity after a Facebook event went viral, inviting people to storm Area 51 in search of aliens. The resulting memes often feature humorous references to secret government facilities and conspiracy theories.

Another type is the “Ancient Aliens” meme. Inspired by the History Channel show, these memes typically feature an image or screenshot from the series with captions that humorously suggest ancient civilizations were influenced by aliens.

There are also cute and wholesome alien memes that depict adorable extraterrestrial creatures engaging in everyday activities like reading books or playing video games. These heartwarming memes remind us that even aliens can be relatable and endearing.

The “X-Files” meme category includes references to the popular sci-fi television series, featuring characters Mulder and Scully investigating paranormal phenomena and encountering aliens. These memes often play on Mulder’s obsession with finding proof of extraterrestrial life or highlight humorous moments from the show.

The Impact of Alien Memes on Pop Culture

Alien memes have taken the internet by storm, infiltrating every corner of pop culture. These humorous images and captions featuring extraterrestrial beings have become a universal language that transcends borders and generations.

One of the key impacts of alien memes on pop culture is their ability to bring people together. Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic or just someone who enjoys a good laugh, alien memes provide a shared experience that can be enjoyed by all. They create a sense of community among meme enthusiasts, fostering connections and sparking conversations.

Moreover, these memes have also played a significant role in shaping our online communication style. The clever use of wit and sarcasm found in alien memes has influenced how we express ourselves digitally. It’s not uncommon to see people incorporating popular alien meme phrases into their everyday conversations or using them as responses in online discussions.

Why We Love Alien Memes

Why are alien memes so popular? Well, there’s something about these extraterrestrial beings that captures our imagination and tickles our funny bone. Maybe it’s the idea of life beyond our planet or the comical portrayals of aliens in movies and TV shows. Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough of these otherworldly creatures in meme form.

Alien memes allow us to escape from reality for a moment and enter a world where anything is possible. They provide a lighthearted way to discuss serious topics like conspiracy theories or the unknown mysteries of space. Plus, they often come with hilarious captions or clever wordplay that make us chuckle.

These memes also tap into our fascination with all things outer space. From probing encounters to little green men, aliens have become iconic symbols in pop culture. They represent the great unknown, sparking curiosity and intrigue within us.

Another reason we love alien memes is their versatility. Whether you’re into sci-fi or not, there’s an alien meme out there for everyone. They can be cute, creepy, relatable, or absurd – catering to various tastes and sense of humor.

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How to Create Your Own Alien Meme

Ready to unleash your creativity and create your own alien meme? Follow these simple steps to make a meme that’s out of this world!

First, think about the concept you want to convey. Do you want your alien meme to be funny, relatable, or thought-provoking? Consider what message or emotion you want to evoke in your audience.

Next, find an image of an alien that fits your vision. You can search online for royalty-free images or use photo editing software to create your own unique alien character.

Once you have the perfect image, add text to create the punchline or caption for your meme. Keep it short and snappy – remember, brevity is key in the world of memes!

Now it’s time to put it all together. Use a meme generator tool or graphic design software like Photoshop to overlay the text onto the image. Experiment with different fonts and placements until you achieve the desired effect.

Don’t forget about timing! Stay up-to-date with current events and pop culture trends. Incorporating relevant references into your meme can help increase its viral potential.

Controversies Surrounding Alien Memes

Alien memes have taken the internet by storm, captivating users with their humorous and sometimes absurd portrayals of extraterrestrial beings. However, not everyone is on board with this trend. Some individuals argue that alien memes perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to a culture of ridicule.

One controversy surrounding alien memes is the potential for cultural appropriation. Critics argue that these memes often borrow imagery from ancient civilizations or indigenous cultures, reducing their rich histories to mere punchlines. This raises questions about respect and sensitivity towards marginalized communities.

Another point of contention is the impact on belief systems. For those who genuinely believe in the existence of aliens or have had personal experiences related to UFOs, alien memes can be seen as dismissive or mocking. It’s essential to consider how these jokes may affect individuals’ deeply held beliefs and experiences.


Alien memes have undoubtedly made their mark on the internet and pop culture. From humorous depictions of extraterrestrial life to thought-provoking discussions, these memes have captured our imagination and sparked conversations across social media platforms.

The impact of alien memes on popular culture cannot be underestimated. They have become a form of entertainment that transcends borders and language barriers, uniting people in shared laughter and fascination. Alien memes serve as a reflection of our collective curiosity about the unknown, reminding us that while we may be different from one another, we also share a common desire to explore the mysteries of the universe.

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