60 pranks to do on your best friend

pranks to do on your best friend

You know your best friend better than anyone. Their habits, their fears, their deepest secrets that would mortify them if revealed to the general public. You have a sacred bond of trust that allows you to poke fun at each other in a way no one else can. But with great power comes great responsibility, and that means planning pranks that walk the fine line between hilarious and hurtful. You want to give them a shock that makes them question their reality for just a moment before realizing they’ve been had, not leave lasting psychological scars. The pranks in this article are designed to make your best friend temporarily doubt their senses and surroundings without causing any real or lasting harm. If executed properly with the right mischievous yet loving spirit, these tricks should elicit stunned silence followed by uncontrollable laughter from your partner in crime. Proceed with caution, but most of all, have fun with it! Your best friend’s reaction is sure to be priceless.

pranks to do on your best friend

  1. Fill their room with balloons while they’re sleeping.
  2. Put a whoopee cushion on their chair before they sit down.
  3. Switch their phone language to a foreign language.
  4. Replace their toothpaste with mayonnaise.
  5. Put googly eyes on all their belongings.
  6. Hide an alarm clock in their room set to go off at random times.
  7. Fill their car with balloons or packing peanuts.
  8. Put a “For Sale” sign in their yard.
  9. Put a fake bug in their bed.
  10. Hide their keys or phone and watch them search for it.
  11. Fill their shampoo bottle with food coloring.
  12. Cover their car with sticky notes.
  13. Put fake bugs or spiders in their shoes.
  14. Wrap their desk or workstation with wrapping paper.
  15. Put a whoopee cushion under their office chair.
  16. Swap out their regular coffee with decaf or a different flavor.
  17. Replace their hand sanitizer with mayonnaise or another unusual substance.
  18. Put a fake parking ticket on their car.
  19. Swap their regular snacks with unusual or gross alternatives.
  20. Set their phone alarm for odd hours of the night.
  21. Put clear tape over their computer mouse sensor.
  22. Replace their hand cream with glue or a different substance.
  23. Fill their room with sticky notes or Post-it notes.
  24. Place a fake cockroach in their food.
  25. Hide a small speaker in their room and play spooky sounds.
  26. Switch their regular pens with disappearing ink pens.
  27. Put a fake lottery ticket in their wallet.
  28. Fill their car vents with glitter.
  29. Replace their usual music playlists with funny or embarrassing songs.
  30. Put a sign on their back saying something funny or embarrassing.
  31. Swap their regular shampoo with bubble bath or dish soap.
  32. Hide fake snakes or spiders in their closet.
  33. Fill their room with balloons or confetti when they open the door.
  34. Replace their hand lotion with an edible substance like whipped cream.
  35. Put a layer of plastic wrap under the toilet seat.
  36. Cover their deodorant with clear nail polish.
  37. Put a fake snake or spider in their shower.
  38. Fill their shoes with hidden surprises like confetti or marbles.
  39. Swap their regular toothpaste with Oreo cream or another non-toxic alternative.
  40. Replace their soap with a bar of soap that won’t lather.
  41. Put a “kick me” sign on their back.
  42. Cover their car in fake parking tickets.
  43. Replace their desk chair with a small child’s chair.
  44. Fill their room with balloons and cover the doorway so they have to push through.
  45. Swap their regular socks with mismatched pairs.
  46. Put a rubber band around the spray nozzle of their sink.
  47. Replace their regular water bottle with a prank bottle that sprays when opened.
  48. Fill their car with balloons or paper streamers.
  49. Replace their usual snacks with healthy or unusual alternatives.
  50. Put googly eyes on their car’s headlights or taillights.
  51. Fill their shoes with confetti or glitter.
  52. Replace their regular pens with disappearing ink pens.
  53. Put a fake winning lottery ticket in their bag or purse.
  54. Swap their regular toothbrush with one that has a strange flavor or texture.
  55. Cover their car in sticky notes spelling out a funny message.
  56. Place a “Warning: Clown Inside” sign on their bedroom or office door.
  57. Fill their room with inflatable toys or objects.
  58. Swap their regular shampoo with baby powder.
  59. Replace their usual snacks with gross or unusual alternatives.
  60. Swap their regular air freshener with one that has a strange smell.
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Hilarious Pranks to Pull on Your Best Friend

pranks to do on your best friend

1. Hilarious Pranks to Pull on Your Best Friend

Your best friend is practically family, so naturally, you want to torture them in the most loving way possible. Here are a few pranks guaranteed to get a rise out of them:

Hide their keys or wallet when they’re not looking. Watching them frantically search the house in a panic is sure to brighten your day. Just make sure to “find” the missing item before they call the locksmith or cancel all their credit cards.

Replace the shampoo in their shower with whipped cream. The look on their face when they go to rinse will be priceless. Be prepared to duck from a shower of suds! For extra laughs, do the same with their body wash.

Set their alarm to go off hours early on a weekend. Nothing is quite as irritating as being rudely awakened on your day off. Enjoy a good chuckle imagining them stumbling around trying to figure out why their alarm is blaring at the crack of dawn.

Short sheet their bed or fill it with balloons before they turn in for the night. They’ll be in for a big surprise when they crawl under the covers. Just make sure you have a camera ready to capture their reaction!

With the right mischievous touch, pranking your BFF can lead to lots of laughs and inside jokes that will have you both giggling for years to come. The trick is to keep things lighthearted and avoid anything dangerous, unethical or that could cause lasting annoyance. With pranks done right, your friendship will be closer than ever!

Simple Pranks You Can Do at Home

If you want to prank your bestie in the most harmless yet hilarious way, look no further than what you already have at home. ### Simple Supplies for Maximum Laughs

Raid your kitchen for some cling wrap and cover the toilet seat with it. But make sure to do it right before they head to the bathroom—maximum surprise factor! (-) For added laughs, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. When they flush, the water will be an unnatural shade of blue or green. (Try not to pick a color that might stain.)

Speaking of the bathroom, a classic is switching out the shampoo for dish soap. The bubbles will be epic! Just be prepared to help rinse their hair when they start freaking out.

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If you want to get really creative, fill a few dozen plastic cups with water and stack them up in front of their bedroom door. When they open the door, boom! Insta-obstacle course. For a twist, color the water different shades to make a pixelated picture.

A bonus tip: hide their phone somewhere really obvious but that they won’t immediately check, like the fridge or microwave. Their confusion and frustration will be hilarious for a few minutes until they figure it out.

Pranks should ultimately bring you and your friend joy and laughter. So keep things lighthearted, avoid damage or embarrassment, and be ready to help clean up any mess you create! A true friend is there through the pranks and the payback.

Elaborate Pranks That Require Planning

So you want to prank your best friend, do you? I can’t officially recommend any pranks, but if I did, here are some elaborate ones that would require serious planning.

The Classic Car Wrap

This one takes time but the look on their face will be worth it. Get a bunch of friends together and cover their entire car in plastic wrap, saran wrap or cling film while they’re sleeping. Make sure to wrap door handles, mirrors and any distinguishing features. When they come out in the morning, watching them struggle to get in should lead to lots of laughs.

Alarm Clock Annoyance

Set multiple alarms to go off at random intervals throughout the night before an important day for your friend. Hide the alarms around their room for added confusion when they go off. You’ll want to give their phone or watch back to avoid being completely evil, but those few seconds of panic trying to shut off an alarm in the dark will definitely get the adrenaline pumping.

The Vanishing Act

This one requires access to their place and ideally a spare key. Let yourself in and systematically remove all traces of one small, random object. Pick something they use everyday but probably don’t consciously notice, like a shower curtain ring, towel rack or cabinet knob. Removing just one from each room or area will drive them to question their own sanity when they eventually notice but can’t quite figure out what’s wrong. For the cherry on top, replace the missing items once they mention the weirdness to you.

The key with pranks, especially on close friends, is to avoid anything dangerous, damaging or hurtful. Keep things lighthearted and fun, even if frustrating in the moment. Choosing pranks that require co-conspirators and advance planning also help bring your friend group together through mischievous teamwork and building anticipation of the final reactions. Most importantly, be there for your friend to laugh with them after the pranks – that’s what best friends are for!

Pranks to Pull in Public Places

pranks to do on your best friend

Pranks to Pull in Public Places

Nothing cements a friendship quite like embarrassing your best friend in public. When you’re out and about together, take the opportunity to show them how much they mean to you through some lighthearted hijinks.

Have you ever switched the sugar for the salt in the sugar dispensers at a diner? Your buddy won’t know what hit them when they take a sip of their coffee. Just make sure there are no heart conditions you should be aware of first. Safety first!

If you’re at the mall, casually walk a few steps ahead of them and then abruptly stop so they bump into you. When they do, scream “pervert!” at the top of your lungs. The looks on the faces of passersby will be priceless. Your friend may not find it as funny, but that’s a risk you’ll have to take.

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Waiting in line at the movies or getting snacks at the concession stand? Offer to get your pal’s snack for them, then replace the popcorn or candy with crushed up Styrofoam bits. The look of betrayal and disgust when they first bite in will create a memory you’ll both cherish for years to come.

On a road trip, crank up the heat in the car to full blast when your friend isn’t looking. Roll down all the windows and lock them so they can’t be rolled back up. Nothing says “we’re buds” like a little light torture. They’ll thank you for it later, probably.

Pranks are the foundation of any lasting friendship. Humiliating your best friend in public is a time-honored way of showing you care. With these tips you’re well on your way to forging memories that will make you both cringe and crack up for years to come. You’re welcome!

Safe and Harmless Prank Ideas

Safe pranks are all in good fun, but be very careful not to cross the line and do anything dangerous or illegal. Your friend will appreciate your sense of humor as long as you keep things lighthearted. Here are a few classic pranks to get you started:

Plastic Wrap Surprise

This one never gets old. Carefully wrap plastic wrap over a doorway at face level before your friend comes over. When they walk through, they’ll get a silly surprise. Just make sure there’s nothing in the room that could cause them to trip. Safety first!

Alarm Clock Wake Up Call

If your friend is a heavy sleeper, set their alarm clock ahead by 30 minutes. When it goes off, they’ll think they overslept and scramble to get ready. After a few frantic minutes, let them in on the joke. They’ll be relieved they have extra time and you’ll both get a laugh.

Switch Up the Sugar

When your friend isn’t looking, swap the contents of their sugar container for salt. The look on their face after they pour it into their coffee or onto their cereal will be priceless. Just switch the contents back quickly before they add too much! This works best if they’re distracted, like reading the newspaper.

Foil Everything

For maximum annoyance, cover random objects in your friend’s space with aluminum foil when they step away – remotes, phones, keyboards, doorknobs. They’ll have fun peeling it all off and wondering why you did it. Keep the foil handy to re-cover things when they aren’t paying attention for extra laughs.

A good prank should make you both crack up, not cause any real trouble. Keep things light and avoid damaging property or causing harm. The best pranks are clever, funny and easily reversible. Have fun with your friend and happy pranking!


You need to get comfortable with the fact that your best friend is now your enemy, at least for the next few days. But don’t worry, your friend will come around once the smell of rotten eggs has disappeared from their car or the glitter has finally been vacuumed out of the carpet. Revenge is sweet but pranking is sweeter. Go big or go home – that’s what friendship is all about. Sure, they might hate you now as they scrub permanent marker from their windows or pluck alarm clocks from random hiding spots, but they’ll thank you later when they realize the hilarity of the situation. What are friends for if not to provide free entertainment and keep life interesting, right? So gear up for the retaliation that’s surely coming your way. The prank war has begun.

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