50 pranks to do on your boyfriend long distance

pranks to do on your boyfriend long distance

So you’re stuck in a long-distance relationship and missing your boyfriend. As much as you love the sappy phone calls and FaceTime dates, sometimes you just want to have a little fun. Pranks are a great way to keep things interesting, even from miles apart. And while you may not be able to see his reaction in person, imagining his confused face when he realizes you got him again will bring you joy for days. You know, the kind of joy only borne of a well-executed joke. The best part is, you get to plan the pranks without him suspecting a thing. Revenge is sweet, my friend, and you have the perfect opportunity here for some harmless hijinks without repercussion. So put on your mischievous hat and get ready to prank your boyfriend from afar. The ideas are endless if you use your imagination.

pranks to do on your boyfriend long distance

  1. Send a fake love letter from a secret admirer.
  2. Start a fake rumor about him among his friends.
  3. Photoshop silly pictures of him and share them on social media.
  4. Pretend to be a psychic and predict something outrageous about his future.
  5. Send him an unexpected delivery of an embarrassing item, like a giant stuffed animal.
  6. Create a fake online dating profile and try to flirt with him.
  7. Create a scavenger hunt with clues leading to a fake surprise gift.
  8. Send him a box of chocolates with sneaky fillings like mayonnaise or hot sauce.
  9. Sign him up for bizarre newsletters or mailing lists without his knowledge.
  10. Create a fake Facebook account and start randomly commenting on his posts.
  11. Pretend to be a telemarketer and call him with an outrageous offer.
  12. Send him a personalized video message from his favorite celebrity, with a twist.
  13. Start a rumor with his friends about an outrageous hidden talent he has.
  14. Send him a package with countless layers of wrapping paper and notes of love.
  15. Create a fake news article or blog post about a fictional achievement or scandal.
  16. Pretend to be a radio DJ and prank call him with a goofy request.
  17. Secretly change his phone or computer wallpaper to something unexpected.
  18. Create a fake Instagram account and start following him with absurd comments.
  19. Pretend to be a lonely neighbor and send him anonymous love letters.
  20. Send him a package filled with colorful confetti or glitter that explodes upon opening.
  21. Pretend to be a talent scout and express interest in signing him for a ridiculous talent.
  22. Send him a fake gift card for a store or restaurant that doesn’t exist.
  23. Create a fake online dating profile and try to catfish him.
  24. Pretend to be his favorite celebrity and send him a personalized autograph.
  25. Secretly change his ringtone to a funny or embarrassing sound without him knowing.
  26. Create a fake social media account for an imaginary pet and start posting about their escapades together.
  27. Photoshopped pictures of the two of you together in iconic locations or situations.
  28. Start a fake online fan club dedicated to him, complete with fan mail and personalized merchandise.
  29. Create a fake lottery ticket and send it to him, making him believe he won a huge prize.
  30. Pretend to be a journalist and interview him about a made-up scandal or achievement.
  31. Send him a package filled with harmless pranks like whoopee cushions or joke gadgets.
  32. Create a fake travel itinerary with elaborate plans for a surprise visit, building up the excitement before revealing it’s a prank.
  33. Pretend to be a psychic and give him a detailed reading about his future love life.
  34. Sign him up for a hilarious dance or fitness class without his knowledge.
  35. Send him a series of mysterious messages leading to a fake treasure hunt.
  36. Start a fake online debate about an outrageous opinion or belief he supposedly holds.
  37. Send him a video with an unexpected plot twist, like pretending to break up before revealing it’s a prank.
  38. Create a fake job listing tailored to his skills and preferences, leading to an interview with absurd questions.
  39. Send him a fake letter from a secret organization, recruiting him for a mission.
  40. Pretend to be a fortune teller and send him a personalized prediction with amusing and absurd details.
  41. Secretly replace his personal item with a fake one, like swapping his favorite book with a parody version.
  42. Coordinate with his friends to surprise him with a fake party or event, complete with decorations and invitations.
  43. Create a fake social media trend and encourage him to participate, documenting his hilarious attempts.
  44. Send him a care package with unusual and bizarre items, like exotic snacks or strange souvenirs.
  45. Pretend to be a long-lost relative and start sharing outrageous stories about his childhood.
  46. Create a fake job promotion or appreciation award, complete with a fancy certificate or trophy.
  47. Dress up in costume and send him unexpected videos or photos claiming to be from mysterious locations.
  48. Create a fake online poll or survey about an absurd topic, and encourage him to participate, foiling the results.
  49. Pretend to be a TV producer and call him with an offer to star in a ridiculous reality show.
  50. Organize a surprise video call with friends and family, only to reveal it’s a virtual prank party with funny surprises and challenges.
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Hilarious Ways to Prank Your Long Distance Boyfriend Over Text

pranks to do on your boyfriend long distance

Prank him with song lyrics

Nothing says “I miss you!” like spamming his phone with sappy love song lyrics at random times. Pick some cheesy ballads from the ’80s or ’90s and text him a line here and there throughout the day. He’ll be so confused but deep down find it endearing (-ish).

Switch up autocorrect

If you have access to his phone, change some of his common autocorrect words to silly options before you leave. Watch as “lol” turns into “tehehe” and “omg” becomes “zomg.” He’ll be scratching his head wondering why his phone has developed its own quirky personality.

Set multiple alarms

For this one you may need to actually keep his phone for a bit. Set like 10+ alarms to go off at the most inopportune times, like 2 am, 4 am and 5 am. Give each alarm an annoying name like “wakey wakey!” or “rise and shine!” When his phone starts blaring at insane hours, he’ll be so puzzled and probably a bit grumpy. But he’ll also laugh about your sneaky antics.

Send “out of office” auto-replies from his email

If you know his email password, log in and set up an auto-response to send silly “out of office” messages to anyone who emails him. Something like: “I’ve run away to join the circus! Just kidding. I’m not actually a circus performer. Please ignore this nonsense.” His friends and coworkers will get a kick out of your creative prank.

And there you have some playful ways to prank your long distance guy. Keep things lighthearted and all in good fun. A little teasing and messing around can bring you closer together, even from far away.

Pulling Funny Phone Pranks on Your Far Away Beau

Long distance relationships can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your faraway fella. Pranking your boyfriend from afar is a great way to keep things lighthearted until you’re together again.

Phone Pranks Galore

One of the perks of the long-distance thing is getting quality phone time. Take advantage of this by planning some mischievous phone calls to catch him off guard. A few classics:

  • Pretend you’re a telemarketer pitching some ridiculous product. Try to keep a straight face as you describe some contraption like an automatic teeth flosser or a helmet to prevent bed head. See how long you can string him along before he realizes it’s you.
  • Call and disguise your voice, maybe with a funny accent. Tell him you’re from the future…or the past. Warn him of impending doom or share lottery numbers from yesteryear. Once he starts freaking out, reveal yourself. Oops!
  • If he has caller ID, temporarily block your number before calling. When he answers, launch into a dramatic reading of some cheesy romance novel excerpt. Describe a steamy love scene in exaggerated detail. His confusion will quickly turn to embarrassment…and then laughter once he recognizes your sultry storytelling.
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With a little creativity, you can turn those long chats into comedic gold and bring you closer together, even from miles away. Laughter is the best medicine for long distance loneliness, so prank away! Your boyfriend will surely appreciate your playful sense of humor and the extra smiles you bring to his day.

Sending Prank Packages and Gifts in the Mail

pranks to do on your boyfriend long distance

Now for the fun part—pranking your long-distance boyfriend with surprise packages in the mail! Nothing says “I love you” like a glitter bomb or fart spray, amiright?

Itching powder

What’s more annoying than an uncontrollable itch? Send your guy a card or small gift along with some itching powder (the kind that washes off easily, obviously). Instruct him to open and use the powder right away for maximum effect. His confused texts and calls should provide you with hours of entertainment. Just don’t forget to tell him how to wash it off eventually!

Alarm clock

For the boyfriend who has trouble getting up in the morning, gift him the gift that keeps on giving—an extra loud alarm clock. Pre-set the alarm to go off at an ungodly early hour, maybe on a weekend morning for added impact. Include a sweet note about wanting to make sure he starts his day bright and early. His startled awakening and realization of your trickery is sure to elicit a laugh (from you, at least!).

Silly string

What guy doesn’t love playing with silly string? Send your beau a few cans of the sticky stuff along with instructions for an impromptu silly string fight with friends. For best results, have someone else give him the package and encourage him to open and use it right away without checking the contents first. His reaction upon seeing the mess you’ve orchestrated from afar should be priceless. Just remember—with great pranking power comes great responsibility. Be prepared for possible retaliation!

Some other prank ideas include:

•Stink bombs – For that personal foul odor touch.

•Fake lottery tickets – Get his hopes up then dash them expertly.

•Singing telegrams – Annoying and embarrassing, the perfect combo.

•Fake insects – Plastic spiders, cockroaches and flies to give him the creepy-crawlies.

With pranks like these, absence really does make the heart grow fonder—and the laughing louder! Show your guy you care with a little good-natured mischief. But maybe sleep with one eye open…just in case.

Enlisting Friends to Help Prank Your Long-Distance Guy

Enlisting your friends to help prank your long-distance guy is next-level shenanigans. You know what they say: many hands make light work, and in this case, more pranksters means more hijinks. Get your closest gal pals together and conspire to coordinate a prank to unleash on your unsuspecting beau from afar.

Recruiting the Troops

Explain your prankster vision to your friends and see who wants in on the action. The more mischievous of the bunch will likely volunteer as tribute. Let them know the objective is to have fun with your BF in a lighthearted way, not to cause any real upset or damage. You’re going for cheeky, not cruel.

Brainstorming Session

Get together in person or via video chat to scheme and plot. Throw out any and all ideas, no matter how ridiculous. Sometimes the most absurd notions can spark the cleverest pranks. Discuss how to pull off different concepts in a safe, responsible and ethical manner. And of course, determine how each prank can be captured on video or photo for your viewing pleasure later.

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Divide and Conquer

Assign different friends different tasks to carry out the prank. For example, have one friend call your guy with an urgent fake “emergency”, while another shows up on his doorstep with an empty box to “deliver”. Yet another can FaceTime him at an inopportune moment. Unleash the pranks in quick succession for maximum impact and confusion.


Once the operation is complete, get all the details from your co-conspirators and see the footage of your BF’s reactions. Call him up to fess up to the pranks before he gets too upset. Let him know it was all in good fun and because you miss him! His annoyance will fade once he realizes what an awesome group of friends you’ve got and how much effort you put into giving him a hard time. What’s life without a little laughter? Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but pranks make the heart flutter faster!

Planning Elaborate in-Person Pranks for When You’re Finally Together

When the distance finally closes between you two, the pranks should escalate to in-person shenanigans. You’ve been plotting for months, dropping hints about the havoc you want to wreak, and now’s the time to make good on those threats.

###His place is your playground

Since you haven’t seen his place in ages, you’ve got the element of surprise. Do a little recon to see if anything’s changed, then get creative with customizing his space. Replace snacks in his pantry with gummy worms or chocolate covered insects. Replace shampoo with whipped cream or maple syrup. Short sheet the bed or fill it with balloons. The options for harmless pranks around the house are endless.

Alarming wake-up calls

If your guy loves to sleep in, an abrupt wake up will catch him off guard. Set multiple alarms on his phone to go off every few minutes starting at dawn. Or get an air horn, whistle or megaphone to blast when the sun rises. For an even bigger surprise, get friends or family involved to barge in shouting and banging pots and pans. Just be prepared for possible retaliation!

Public pranks

Take the show on the road for pranks you can pull in public. Squirt him with a water gun or spray bottle when he least expects it. Put a “kick me” or “I love Nickelback” sign on his back. Replace the contents of his wallet with monopoly money or comic strips. Put plastic wrap on a toilet seat or cling wrap across a doorway he’s about to walk through. Just be cautious not to take the pranks too far, especially in places with a lot of people around.

With a long distance relationship, reuniting in person is a big deal. Pranking your boyfriend is a fun way to break the tension and laugh together. Start planning now for the tricks you want to play, but don’t reveal all the details. Keeping him guessing about what you have in store will make the surprises even sweeter when you finally get to unleash them.


So there you have it, a few pranks to keep things fun while apart from your beloved. Remember, all’s fair in love and prank war, but keep things lighthearted and avoid crossing any lines. Long distance is hard enough without added drama. With the right sense of humor and spirit of mischief, you two can battle your way through the separation with laughter and inside jokes to spare. Just be prepared for retaliation and keep an open mind – his pranks may be even more creative than yours! At the end of the day, if you’re both still smiling, then you know your connection can withstand any amount of miles. The space in between just makes the moments you share that much sweeter. Stay playful, stay kind, and stay his! The rest will fall into place.

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