50 best pranks to do at home

best pranks to do at home

So you’re stuck at home and bored out of your mind. You’ve already binged every show you’ve been meaning to watch, baked enough banana bread to feed a small army, and rearranged your furniture twice. Now you’re itching to stir up some mischief and fun. Look no further – we’ve got the best pranks you can pull right in the comfort of your own home. And the best part is, since you’re all cooped up together, your family members are the perfect unsuspecting targets. Get ready for some laughs and maybe a few groans with these clever pranks you can do with common household items. Your quarantine just got a whole lot more interesting!

best pranks to do at home

  1. Swap the sugar with salt in the sugar bowl.
  2. Put googly eyes on all the food items in the refrigerator.
  3. Hide an air horn under someone’s chair.
  4. Replace toothpaste with mayonnaise.
  5. Put clear tape over the sensor on the TV remote.
  6. Put a whoopee cushion on someone’s chair.
  7. Put plastic insects in someone’s bed.
  8. Fill someone’s room with balloons while they’re sleeping.
  9. Replace the cream filling in Oreos with toothpaste.
  10. Put plastic wrap over the toilet seat.
  11. Hide a fake snake or spider in someone’s shoe.
  12. Replace hand soap with glue or slime.
  13. Attach a small suction cup to the bottom of a glass, making it appear as if it’s stuck to the table.
  14. Set up a bucket of water balanced on top of a partially open door.
  15. Switch around the labels on canned food items in the pantry.
  16. Put a fake bug or spider in someone’s cup or glass.
  17. Cover the bottom of a computer mouse with a piece of paper so it doesn’t work properly.
  18. Replace shampoo with colored hair dye.
  19. Place a layer of plastic wrap over the toilet bowl, making it invisible.
  20. Put googly eyes on household objects and appliances.
  21. Replace regular milk with colored water in the milk carton.
  22. Serve Jell-O in a cup instead of juice or soda.
  23. Put cling wrap on the doorway at eye level.
  24. Fill someone’s shoes or slippers with confetti.
  25. Fill a donut box with vegetables or fruit instead of donuts.
  26. Put a fake bug or spider in someone’s shower.
  27. Leave a fake parking ticket on someone’s car.
  28. Fill a closet or a drawer with balloons, so when someone opens it, they get surprised.
  29. Replace the hand lotion with mayonnaise.
  30. Set up a fake mouse trap with a rubber band and a paperclip, so when someone opens a drawer, it snaps.
  31. Replace the contents of a cereal box with a different type of cereal.
  32. Put tape over the water spray nozzle in the kitchen sink.
  33. Swap the salt and sugar in the shakers.
  34. Put a “Out of Order” sign on the refrigerator or the toilet.
  35. Replace the cream inside donuts with mustard or ketchup.
  36. Fill a closet or a drawer with balloons, so when someone opens it, they get surprised.
  37. Put a fake scratch on someone’s car using washable paint or a clingy sticker.
  38. Replace someone’s regular drinking glass with a fake one made of gelatin.
  39. Move all the furniture slightly to the right or left, making the room look off-balance.
  40. Place a confetti popper above a partially open door, so when someone opens it, confetti showers down on them.
  41. Put a small amount of food coloring on someone’s toothbrush.
  42. Fill an empty lotion bottle with mayonnaise or another substance that looks similar.
  43. Replace the toilet paper roll with a roll that has a funny or shocking message written on it.
  44. Hide a small Bluetooth speaker in the room and play spooky or funny sounds unexpectedly.
  45. Put a sticky note on the bottom of someone’s computer mouse to cover the optical sensor.
  46. Swap the contents of two different condiment bottles (e.g., ketchup and mustard).
  47. Set up a prank call on someone’s phone using a funny voice or sound clip.
  48. Place a fake bug or spider inside a lampshade, so it is revealed when the light is turned on.
  49. Put food coloring inside the soap dispenser, so the hand soap comes out in a different color.
  50. Attach a tiny piece of clear tape to the laser of someone’s computer mouse, making it glitch or not move correctly.
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More Classic Pranks

Setting Up the Classic Pie in the Face Prank

best pranks to do at home

The classic pie in the face prank is a fun one to pull on friends or family at home. All you’ll need is a pie, a platter, and a willing target.###

First, get your supplies. Pick up an instant pie mix or pre-made pie from the store. For maximum mess, choose a flavor with lots of filling like chocolate or lemon meringue. You’ll also want a large platter to present the pie on.

Next, set the trap. Place the pie in the middle of the platter and leave it out on the counter while your target isn’t looking. For the best surprise, put it in a spot they frequently walk by or in an area where people gather like the kitchen or living room.

Now, wait for your target to come upon the pie. As soon as they get close enough, yell “pie surprise!” and shove the platter into their face. Make sure you get their face right in the middle of that pie! Have someone else record the whole prank on video for hilarious replay later.

Once you’ve had your laugh and the target has wiped pie from their eyes, help them clean up the mess. Offer a towel, napkins, and maybe even a change of clothes if needed. Apologize for the sticky surprise and hopefully, your target will see the humor in it once they’ve de-pied themselves!

With the right planning and timing, the classic pie in the face prank is guaranteed to get a laugh from everyone but the target. Just be prepared to do some cleaning up after all the fun!

Filling a Room With Balloons for a Fun Surprise

best pranks to do at home

Filling a room with balloons is a classic prank that surprises the victim with a sea of balloons when they open the door. To pull it off:

  1. Buy at least 50-100 balloons, depending on the size of the room. Latex balloons hold air the best for long periods. Get a hand pump or small air compressor so you’re not lightheaded from blowing them up yourself!
  2. Wait until the person leaves the room for at least 30-60 minutes. You’ll need time to blow up and arrange all the balloons.
  3. Blow up the balloons and tie them off. Don’t over-inflate or they may pop! Under-inflate slightly so they still have squishability.
  4. Place the balloons around the room. You want maximum coverage and the balloons at varying heights for the best effect. Group some in corners, along walls and on the floor. Leave a narrow path into the room.
  5. Quickly leave the room and close the door to set the trap. Contain your laughter until the big reveal!
  6. Listen for the reaction and pop in to surprise them in the balloon room. Be prepared for them to want to bat around balloons – join in the fun!
  7. Take photos and video of your masterpiece and the reaction. Share on social to spread the joy.
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With some time and effort, filling a room with balloons creates a memorable prank and a fun, whimsical surprise. Just be prepared to help clean up all the popped balloons after – but the reaction will make it totally worth it!

Pulling the Saran Wrap on Doorway Trick

The saran wrap on doorway trick is a classic prank that’s easy to set up and harmless enough to pull on family and friends. All you need is a roll of plastic cling wrap (like Saran brand) and a doorway.


To execute this prank, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Wait until the victim leaves the room and the doorway is clear. This works best on a doorway that gets frequent use, like to a kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Unroll a length of cling wrap that’s about 5 to 6 feet wide and hold it taut across the top of the doorway, securing the ends so it’s stuck in place. Make sure the cling wrap is tight with no visible wrinkles or folds.
  3. Quickly hide the evidence (the cling wrap package) so the victim is unaware. Stand back and wait for the fun to begin!
  4. When the victim walks through the booby-trapped doorway, they’ll suddenly collide with the invisible barrier, startling them. Reactions are usually pretty hilarious, with flailing arms and stumbling. But don’t worry, no real harm done.
  5. Bust out laughing and reveal that they’ve just experienced the classic saran wrap prank. Help them free themselves from the clingy clutches of the plastic and share a laugh together at the silly trick.

While startling, this prank causes no damage or mess, and the cling wrap is easily removed without residue. Just be sure not to do it to anyone with mobility or heart issues. For an extra surprise, you can combine it with other pranks like covering the wrap in aluminum foil. The saran wrap on doorway trick is all in good fun and sure to elicit squeals of shock followed by laughter. Give it a try – if you dare!

Staging a Fake Lottery Win Prank

The classic fake lottery ticket prank is always a fun one to pull on friends and family. All you need are some old scratch-off or printed lottery tickets, a bit of craftiness, and the ability to keep a straight face when your target scratches and realizes they’ve won big!

Gather Your Materials

First, collect a stack of old losing lottery tickets, scratch-offs, or print fake ones from online templates. Make sure the dates and game names match current lotteries to add authenticity. You’ll also need tools like metallic scratch-off paint, stickers with altered numbers, or a color printer to modify the tickets and create winning numbers.

Choose Your Winner

Decide on an amount that would excite your target without raising immediate suspicion, somewhere between $500 to $5,000. Pick 3 or 4 matching numbers plus a “free ticket” or “winner” symbol for a scratch-off. For larger winnings, print a fake ticket with 6-7 matches plus a “jackpot” message.

Time for Modification

Carefully change the numbers or scratch-off sections on your tickets to display the winning combination you chose. Apply scratch-off paint over losing numbers or use printed stickers to alter tickets. For larger prizes, design and print an entirely fake ticket, taking care to closely match fonts and styling.

Set the Scene

Present the ticket to your target in a casual manner, such as slipping it into a coat pocket, desk drawer or car console. Say you bought some tickets and thought they should check that one. When they scratch and realize they’ve won, act just as surprised and excited as they are! Suggest going to lottery headquarters right away to claim the prize.

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Reveal the Prank

At some point, you’ll need to come clean to avoid legal trouble or an unnecessary trip to claim winnings. Do it with tact, explaining you just couldn’t resist having a little fun with the realistic-looking fake ticket. Most good sports will end up laughing along at your clever trickery, especially if you offer to buy them a real lottery ticket to make up for the prank!

With the right planning and execution, a fake lottery ticket trick can lead to lots of laughs and priceless reactions from your closest friends or family members. Just be sure to choose your target and method carefully to avoid spoiling the joke or causing any real harm. Happy pranking!

Switching Out Your Roommate’s Shampoo for Hair Dye

best pranks to do at home

Swapping out your roommate’s shampoo for hair dye is a prank that will certainly get a reaction. This trick works best if your roommate uses a distinctive shampoo bottle that you can easily identify. You’ll want to do this prank when they’re not around to avoid getting caught in the act.

Supplies Needed

  • Semi-permanent hair dye in a crazy, bold color like bright red, blue or green
  • Empty shampoo bottle of the same brand and size as your roommate’s


  1. Purchase the hair dye and empty shampoo bottle. Make sure the bottle is as close a match as possible to your roommate’s shampoo.
  2. Carefully pour out all of your roommate’s shampoo from their bottle over the sink. Rinse out the bottle with water to remove any remaining shampoo residue.
  3. Follow the instructions on the hair dye package to properly mix and activate the dye. Pour the dye into the empty shampoo bottle.
  4. Place the bottle back in the shower where you found your roommate’s shampoo. Make sure it looks untouched!
  5. Wait for your roommate to take their next shower. The unsuspecting victim will lather up their hair with the “shampoo”, only to end up with a colorful surprise.
  6. Brace yourself for your roommate’s reaction when they see their newly dyed hair in the mirror! Be ready to come clean that it was just a prank. Offer to help them dye it back to their natural color to make amends.
  7. Make sure there’s a doctor on standby, just in case your roommate cuts off all their hair in a fit of rage! Kidding aside, while this prank is mostly harmless, there’s a chance your roommate may not see the humor in it. Proceed with caution.

Playing pranks on close friends and roommates can strengthen your bond, as long as you do it with kindness and avoid crossing the line. A colorful dye job is temporary, but the memory of your roommate’s stunned reaction will last forever!


You now have some great prank ideas to shake up your normal routine at home. Whether you want to startle someone in the middle of the night with a scary surprise or give them a chuckle with a classic prank like plastic wrapping the toilet seat, you’ve got options. Just remember to choose your targets wisely, keep things lighthearted, and avoid damaging property or causing harm. A good prank should bring people joy and laughter, not distress. If done right and with the right spirit, pranking your friends and family at home can lead to lots of fun memories you’ll talk and laugh about for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and prank someone! But do so responsibly – you’ve been warned.

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